Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Christmas Trees in Heaven

If there were Christmas trees in Heaven . . .

The thought came to me by accident.
I had sent a quick message to a cousin for an address
and ended up chatting with her a few times.
And then a little later I needed another address,
so sent another text to a different cousin...
but forgot to change the names.

I asked for her Mom's address
and received a quick reply
that I had perhaps sent the message to the wrong person
but she was pretty sure her Mom's address was Heaven,
the same as my Mom's!

And that got me to thinking.
Just what if Aunt Barb & Mom were up there
getting ready for Christmas! 
My mind exploded with ideas of what their tree
might look like.

I think it would be white as the driven snow-
just like our hearts are white, without the stain of sin!
And there were be glittery ornaments hung on each branch,
sparkling with diamond dust
and studded with pearls.
Maybe there would be crosses made of gold,
with the tips accented in red,
reminding us of the sacrifice that our Saviour paid.
Heavenly little angels would dance on the branches,
ready to dash to earth in a twinkle of the eye,
keeping guard on each human in their care.
Strands of snowy garland would be draped around the tree,
holding in the prayers that have been sent ahead of us.
Silver horns would be scattered throughout
ready to sound out that Jesus is Lord!
Ornaments of emeralds shine with the words
engraving upon them...Joy-Joy-Joy!
And the star on the very top would shine on it's own.
Surrounding the tree would be choirs of angels
singing "Glory to God in the Highest".

And then I come out of my day dreaming
to realize they have no need of a Christmas Tree in Heaven
as the Gift of Eternity with Jesus
has already brought them there.

But just if there is a Christmas Tree in Heaven,
I'm sure it is more beautiful and exquisite
 than we could ever imagine!
And I'm quite sure our Mom's had a hand in the decorating.
I wish we could see them!

Merry Christmas!