Thursday, January 8, 2015

Elvis Has Left the Building. . .

 This is a re-post of a blog I wrote on January 8, 2010.  Telling a little on ourselves. . .

Mr You Ain't Nothin' But a Hound Dog himself!

This is a re-post for my favorite son-in-law who just happens to be an Elvis nut! It is beyond my understanding why someone born decades after me...grew up in a different era...but loves The King of Rock 'n Roll! I've decided I'm not going to change him, so might as well let him enjoy the music of the past. I must admit...I still love that voice!
And have you discovered XM Satellite Radio Channel 18? It's Elvis all the time! are my memories. . .
Post from August, 2008

Jonathan definitely has an interest in the Elvis of my time, to put it mildly. He even just happened to "have" to go to Memphis last week on a very important trip, on the anniversary of Mr. P's passing. Hummmmm...

Well, that triggered old memories, so after Jonathan was a safe distance away, I went to my secret hiding place of those things I don't want him to get his hands on! And look what I found!!!

In 1971, we were still living in Overland Park. Bob worked for Rock Island Railroad on the midnight shift and I worked for Montgomery Wards as a Bill Collector. (Wonderful career...)

Anyway, one early morning WHB, the World's Happiest Broadcaster, (if you aren't from the K.C. area, you won't get it...) announced that Elvis was coming to Municipal Auditorium! Bob got off work at 8a.m. and rushed downtown, in his '62 Chevy I might add!, and got in line for tickets. The tickets were $7.50 each, making it a date night of $15.00 which might have been a little steep in 1971, seeing as we both were making less than $4.00 an hour! But it was worth it--at least we thought so. The tickets were sold out in less than one hour.

The ticket stub says the concert was on a Monday evening, November 15, 1971. That meant that as soon as it was over, we had to head home so Bob could clock in at midnight!

I don't remember much about the event. Except that it was very, very exciting! The Sweet Inspirations and The Stamps Quartet were his back up groups and they were in place and ready for a show.

Then the lights in the huge auditorium went totally dark, and the now familiar theme song "Space Odyssey began to play. Someone with a famously deep voice, who we thought was Colonal Parker, announced, "Ladies and Gentlemen...Mr. Elvis Presley"! Well, I about got light headed right there in my nose bleed seat!

The lights came on, strobe lights beating, music thumping loudly, and the girls screaming at the top of their lungs! I must admit, it was very impressive and both Bob and I were quickly caught up in the excitement of the crowd.

Elvis sang his heart out. He knew how to work the crowd, how to sing to the young screaming girls who were near the stage, yet were never allowed to touch him. (At least not that I remember...) He wore the white studded outfit with the cape that had red lining. It didn't take him long to warm up enough to shed the cape and drape the long scarves around his neck. With these, he wiped the sweat from his face and toss the scarves to the crowd, seemingly sometimes to a certain girl that had caught his eye. He sang and sang and sang. Some songs were more on the wild side than I preferred, then he would sit down and softly sing a beautiful love song. I definitely remember him singing a couple of gospel numbers along with "Look Away Dixieland".

You have to remember that this was back in 1971 when our culture was just beginning to go crazy. Bob and I were 22 and 23 years old, not attending church very faithfully, and "doing our own thing". But you know, I never ever felt sorry that I went to that concert. Unless you saw him in action, there is no way to realize the energy he put out. After a performance like that, he had to have been completely exhausted. I'm not trying to idolize the man in any way. But he was a part of our lives, even before we were teenagers. Everyone knew who he was.

And he finished the last song, the lights went out again, and that voice boomed out loudly, "Elvis has left the building!".

Hey...I think I remembered a little more than I realized! Reminiscing brings back the memories...try it sometime!

Time for me to go hide my treasurers away for another day.