Monday, November 4, 2013

Making Memories at Grandma's

Sunday dinner was over & the grandkids could hardly wait to get outdoors!
There was a slight chill in the air but they didn't notice.
Off they went to explore "Grandma's Woods"

. . .

They think we live way out in the country.
In actuality, we are landlocked between the city limits...
never being annexed---yet!
Just on the other side of those trees is a busy Interstate,
where the noise of truck traffic seldom ceases.
But we love it here have gotten used to the hum of traffic.

Leaves are falling everyday, turning our yard into heaps of color.
Peyton decided to make a "leaf angel"!

They were a wild bunch...climbing on Grandpa's skidsteer, 
riding bikes all over the neighborhood,  
playing basketball at Jeff's old basketball goal,
& yelling, hollering, laughing all afternoon.
I'm sure the neighbors were thrilled!

What one does, they all do.
Can you tell who the leader of the pack is?

Paige was out numbered 4 to 1.
At this point she had hurt herself on the skidsteer,
skinned her knee,
and was freezing
I sent her indoors to warm up a bit.

Parker loved climbing around & getting dirty.
I was just thrilled that he was outdoors & not inside playing computer games!
We "unplugged" most of the afternoon.

If you didn't guess...this guy is our ring leader!
Carter can run faster than any kid I know
and rides this little bike about 90 milies an hour...well not quite that fast.
But he has raced this bike & skidded the tires so much they are bald.
I can see a blow out in his future!

Here is a better view of my leaf angel...Peyton.
And he is never far behind Carter!

Brycen just learned to ride a bike this summer
and there is nothing he would rather do when at Grandma's.
Except eat cookies!

Five kids & three bikes means someone doesn't get to ride.
So Parker took the time to shoot some balls.
My goodness...he is getting tall!

And then it was time for a group shot...

...can you pick out the clown?

Good grief...I give up.

They may be dirty...but we made some memories.

What an absolutely gorgeous afternoon!