Monday, November 4, 2013

Making Memories at Grandma's

Sunday dinner was over & the grandkids could hardly wait to get outdoors!
There was a slight chill in the air but they didn't notice.
Off they went to explore "Grandma's Woods"

. . .

They think we live way out in the country.
In actuality, we are landlocked between the city limits...
never being annexed---yet!
Just on the other side of those trees is a busy Interstate,
where the noise of truck traffic seldom ceases.
But we love it here have gotten used to the hum of traffic.

Leaves are falling everyday, turning our yard into heaps of color.
Peyton decided to make a "leaf angel"!

They were a wild bunch...climbing on Grandpa's skidsteer, 
riding bikes all over the neighborhood,  
playing basketball at Jeff's old basketball goal,
& yelling, hollering, laughing all afternoon.
I'm sure the neighbors were thrilled!

What one does, they all do.
Can you tell who the leader of the pack is?

Paige was out numbered 4 to 1.
At this point she had hurt herself on the skidsteer,
skinned her knee,
and was freezing
I sent her indoors to warm up a bit.

Parker loved climbing around & getting dirty.
I was just thrilled that he was outdoors & not inside playing computer games!
We "unplugged" most of the afternoon.

If you didn't guess...this guy is our ring leader!
Carter can run faster than any kid I know
and rides this little bike about 90 milies an hour...well not quite that fast.
But he has raced this bike & skidded the tires so much they are bald.
I can see a blow out in his future!

Here is a better view of my leaf angel...Peyton.
And he is never far behind Carter!

Brycen just learned to ride a bike this summer
and there is nothing he would rather do when at Grandma's.
Except eat cookies!

Five kids & three bikes means someone doesn't get to ride.
So Parker took the time to shoot some balls.
My goodness...he is getting tall!

And then it was time for a group shot...

...can you pick out the clown?

Good grief...I give up.

They may be dirty...but we made some memories.

What an absolutely gorgeous afternoon!

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Trailing Violet . . .

While strolling down our garden center
greenhouse aisles,
I kept coming back to this pretty little thing.
She was marked "trailing violet"
and the only one in sight
so I grabbed her.

She fit perfectly in my rusty, decorative lantern
that I had waiting for her on my front porch.
I had already removed the glass from it,
anticipating something vining down its sides.

So far she is thriving, no thanks to me.
On a couple of our steamy days
I neglected to water her until late in the day
and she was not very happy,
being completely wilted down.

Thankfully,with a big gulp of cool water,
she perked up.
Looking closer, I think she looks like a tiny pansy.
But what do it know...
Anyone out there know what she is?
For now, she makes me smile
and that's all that matters.

Just because . . .

Saturday, May 18, 2013

In Bloom!

 After a long hiatus from blogging...

Come take a walk with me around my gardens. 
 My garden gloves are dirty,
 my rubber clogs are full of mud,
and my knees are telling me that is enough for a day or two! 

My front porch has turned out to be my retreat
 in the heat of the day.
It faces the east so gets the morning sun.
Hubby &I both enjoy sitting here 
& spying on the neighbors
as they pass by.
We live on a private drive, 
with 17 families having homes here.
My roots are deep, after 33 years in the same place!

Out of necessity, I have become a "lazy" gardener.
Well...not lazy, just not able to bend and twist as I once did.
So, pre-planted containers have become my friend!

For quite a few years, I have told hubby that my goal
was to put out enough perennials that some day
I wouldn't have to plant a thing.
Well, that will probably never happen
as I love the color that annuals bring.
But the only thing I have done to this wall,
 is set out a few pots of Impatiens.
The rest come up each year!

This wall garden is on the north,
 so hosta's & ferns flourish.
I also have several hydrangeas
that will bloom in a few weeks.

Across the driveway is a shade garden under my tree.
This year I have cut way back and am
only putting out a pot or two of annuals out here.
I'm tired of dragging a garden hose around the yard!

The little garden bench was built by my Dad a long time ago.
It really doesn't go with my garden style anymore
 but I can't bear to toss it in the trash.

And in back of my house is my favorite area.
This is what I see from my kitchen bay window!

The little purple flower is a "Jolly Bea" perennial geranium.
I've had it for years & it will soon be covered with blooms
and if kept watered, it blooms all summer!

There is also a pink knock out rose that is loaded with buds!

My Iris...
I wish they bloomed year round! Mom's bird bath, which I treasure.

Later, daylilies, foxglove, daisies,
& bea balm (Monarda) will bring more color

Patio...a mess!

(Another piece of Dad's handywork..the "wagon")

When we first moved here, we planted 
a Norweigen spruce
which is a beautiful tree.
But~it has grown out of control & is taking over our patio area.
It brings much needed shade but also takes up much needed space.
(The patio isn't very big)
We are contemplating what to do...
have it removed, or just deal with it.

Last year hubby took the choppers to it
&I have been unhappy with it ever since.

And then there is my rusty old gazebo!
(I don't think our son has ever forgiven me for putting that thing
smack dab in the middle of the back yard,
right where his "pitcher's mound" used to be!)

My garden angel was a gift when my mother passed away.
..soon to be 10 years ago!
This has always been sort of a memory garden.

The gazebo is being covered with a climbing hydrangea.
It's blooming now!
Later, there will be Shasta daisies, assorted daylies, Monarda,
butterfly bush, & catmint.

And in the very back of the yard are two mounds,
this one with dogwoods & oakleaf hydreangeas.

A few iris are blooming out here too.
My poor dogwoods have had a struggle to live.
The year I planted them happened to be the year
of the 17 year locus & they just about ate them up!
And our last 2 years of drought have put a lot of stress on them.
But they survived the winter & bloomed for me again this year!

It's a chore to garden.
I'm no longer the 30 year old young lady 
that moved here those many years ago.
Now I am a grandmother with bad knees
and I am learning I can't do it alone.
We hired two guys to do the weeding and edging for me.
They also hauled & spread 7 yards of mulch (2 dump truck loads!)
and made me a very happy lady!

Now to go make a pitcher of iced tea.
I hear it is going to get up to also 90 degrees here next week!
At least we beat the heat!