Thursday, September 6, 2012

Part of the family. . .

While rummaging around through some old photos,
I found this one of Bob,
taken quite a few years ago
for a photo shoot for Late Great Chevy magazine.
I had forgotten we even had it. took me back a few years.
We dated in this car.
I remember Bob racing it down a dragstrip
on one of our dates...
me waiting on the sidelines 
as he didn't want the extra weight!
We took it on our Branson!
Bob used to drive it down to the railroad yards
where he worked for Rock Island.
I even took it to the Milgram's to get groceries once in a while.
For several years, it was our "family car".

Little by little, Bob began doing things to the car
to improve it.
The time came when the car was deemed too nice to drive to work.
It was put on the far side of the garage 
& only driven once in a while to church---
IF the sun was shining.
It's dark "candy apple red" paint now gleams in the sunshine
and the diamond tufted interior still smells of new leather.
Just getting inside it & sitting next to Bob
takes me back to our "cruising" years.

When it is  driven to church on Sunday,
the grand kids all want a ride home with Grandpa.
And if he takes the back road, behind Walmart,
the road less traveled,
Grandpa thrills the kids when he stomps the gas pedal
& roars down the road to the stop sign.
They love it!

I'm thinking if anything would ever happen to this old car,
we would all be heart broken.
After all of these years,
the '62 Impala 
has become part of the family. 

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