Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Friends. . .

Do you have a life long friend...
a friend from your childhood?
My husband does.
And even though they now live miles apart,
Bob & Frank have somehow kept in touch.

Their friendship started when Bob's family
moved from Indiana to the mountains
of West Virginia to pastor a church.
It just happened that Frank's family lived
next door to the parsonage.
Soon after moving in,
Bob & Frank became friends.

Bob attended his first 8 years of school
in Beckley.  The summer before his
high school years, the family moved
to Kansas so the Thompson kids
could attend the Bible School,
leaving behind all of those childhood friendships.

Bob & Frank became pen pals.
Frank was always part of Bob's childhood memories.
I learned of Frank while we were dating
and heard the stories of riding the
West Virginia turnpike in Frank's GTO
at 130 mph!

I remember Bob getting a letter from Frank
after we were married,
telling that he was being discharged from the Army
as they found he had diabetes.
Bob worried about him.

After a few years,
we went out East to see him
while he was living in the Washington D.C. area.

During the past 45 years, 
we have seen Frank 3 or 4 times.
And it always seems as if it has just been a short while
& they take off with their friendship
like they still lived next door.
Bob can rattle off their childhood antics
and Frank laughs like he has never heard them before.

Last fall we traveled to Virginia to visit with
Frank & Donita.
It was the peak of autumn colors & a
trip I will never forget.
Last week they came to see us!

Frank's first new car was a '65 GTO.
He went crazy when he saw Bob's car collection
& fell in love with Bob's GTO, also a '65.
I think the guys would have spent the weekend
in the car shop if we would have let them!
  I realized this time the reason that they 
have always been such good friends.
Both guys are car nuts!

 Donita &I found plenty to talk about!
We had more in common than we imagined
& enjoyed our time together.
Besides that...we both love to shop!
Before the weekend was over
we had shared family stories of good times & bad,
 & decided we were "kindred spirits".

We let the guys go their separate way
for a day of car gazing.
I gladly took Donita to Hobby Lobby,
which, unbelievably, they do not have
in Roanoke, VA.!

The years have been good to them.
And now, in our ever so shrinking world,
thanks to the Internet,
Bob & Frank can still be pen pals...
or email friends.
I think I even caught them texting!

Friends are priceless.
It would take a gold mine to keep these guys apart!

Who knows when we will see them again.
But I am pretty sure one or the other will
get online one of these days & work something out.

Ya'll come back now, ya hear?