Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Ugly Truth About Gardening

This is a summer of record breaking heat & almost no rain.
The last few days have brought a little relief-but it is still hot!
This is not the actual temperature,
but shows how hot it gets outside my kitchen window late in the afternoon.
I made a trip in town and on my way home saw a reading of 99 degrees
when the weather man only predicted no higher than 91.
Does it really make much difference?

I had to drop something off this afternoon
and this dear, sweet lady was apologizing for the condition
of her flowers.
I just wanted her to know...
she doesn't win the prize for flowers that are droopy & in
need of a haircut!

Talk about deadheading!
I just cleaned these daylilies out 2 weeks ago
& they are an absolute mess.

Everything is overgrown, thanks to our irrigation system.
And most things are finished blooming for the summer.
Then there is that baptisia that some insect is having a feast on!
(Where's my bottle of "Sevin"?)
And the Japanese beetles haven't even appeared yet.

Something is getting in my pots behind the fountain at night
& digging for all he is worth &  making the biggest mess!

I am almost positive that it's a chipmunk doing the damage.
He has even tunneled in the sand between the stones.
He will soon get to go for a joy ride down the hill!

Our neighbors tulip poplar is in distress &  dropping leaves like crazy.
We benefit from this tree &  I really hate to see the drought affect it.
I have been watering a trees in my back yard,
hoping that we don't lose anymore of them.
When I went to move the sprinkle head this afternoon,
I saw something moving under the mulch...in a slithering motion...
& I headed to the house!

Lawns are turning brown.
Thankfully, we do get to water & ours is looking good compared
to the ones who can't water.

Of course we always leave town at the hottest time of the year.
And of course, we are heading south!
I have a few things that I hope survive while I'm gone for just a few days.
Tonight, I will pull my wagons near a sprinkler head & hope for the best.

When I drive down our county roads &  see the conditions of some of the crops,
I realize that many of our farmers are hurting.
I can buy more flowers later in the season to replace the ones I loose.
Or I can just let it all go until next year.
But the farmers need their crops to survive.
So we will be praying for cooler temperatures...
and rain -
just not torrents of it!

It looks like I win the prize for needing to do the most work in my gardens!
And I didn't even let you see some of the worst of it....no way!
Whenever the cooler weather comes our way, I'll be waiting with my weeder.


Deserae said...

We are really struggling to keep our bushes and trees alive that we planted right before the drought. It hasn't been this dry here since 1988!!! Everything is neglected because I don't do well in this kind of heat. So, your garden is looking pretty good compared to ours!!!! LOL

Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

It is definitely a challenge trying to keep everything alive this summer. I noticed yesterday that one of my lilacs looks like it's dying. I've lost several annuals. The perennials are still looking fairly good. I just wish we could get some good soaking rain. We had a few drops today, but it didn't last 5 minutes.
Have a good week and stay cool!