Friday, June 8, 2012

Summer Nights. . .

Some of the best things about
Indiana summer nights . . .

An early supper meal at our local
Cracker Barrel
A slow ride around our old neighborhood
Freshly mowed lawn
Flowers watered
and a bouquet of roses & hydrangeas
to enjoy at the kitchen sink.
Now I'm ready for the weekend.

I am looking forward to
"A Country Gathering"
in a nearby little town
and a visit to our
Farmer's Market.

Enjoy your weekend!

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Monday, June 4, 2012

Did you hear me screamin'?

A couple of weeks ago I found two orange daylilies at our local nursery.
I grabbed both of them & planted one at each light fixture in our front yard.

"Primal Scream"

Yep...that's me, screaming for joy at their brilliant color.
And life.
Sometimes it gets so busy
I feel like doing a little screaming myself!

Did you hear me?

It was hotter than July around here on Memorial Day weekend
and I chose to stay indoors.
But since then, we have had gorgeous weather
and my flowers have been showing off!

Without much tender loving care,
my hydrangeas are in full bloom.
I never know for sure just how to prune them,
so I let them go until Spring
and then just clip off the tips that look like they are lifeless.

Today I have been washing windows...
one of my least favorite jobs.
I have one done & 10 to go!
(I told you I didn't like to do it!)

I have never liked it so much when bloggers apologize for their lack of posts.
Life happens...and believe me, it's happened a lot around here lately,
so here I am, not apologizing
but letting you know that I still have a little "blog" left in me.

So if you miss me, I'll be out dead-heading, pulling weeds, watering,
doing laundry, fixing Mr. T. something to eat,
(well, the grandkids aren't really babies anymore)
making too many visits to the garden centers
cooking some more...
or maybe washing another window!