Monday, March 19, 2012

A piece of pie or a slice of celebrate

The first day of Spring is my day to celebrate...
my birthday!
The years seem to be passing faster than I can count these days,
the years adding up quickly.

.  This little story is to explain to my kids
why I never get too excited about birthdays.
I wasn't one to go for lavish birthday decorations
or large parties of my children.
Mostly, we celebrated with family
and a home made cake.
Maybe I should have done better...
but I just wasn't brought up that way.

I am sure I had one,
but I don't remember having a birthday cake
until I was at least a teenager.
My first birthday party was when I was 18!
For our birthday, Mom would make our favorite dessert,
whether it be cake or pie.
My choice was always chocolate pie!
And I don't remember ever having anything else
until Mom one day decided that I needed to celebrate with
angel food cake!
(Something to do with counting calories?)

From then on it was angel food cake,
which I do love,
but eating it always reminds me of Mom & my birthday.

Another special thing Mom did was make our favorite meal
for our special day.
You guessed favorite was fried chicken,
and preferably the chicken leg!
I do believe Mom made the best melt in your mouth
fried chicken ever.  She knew how to season it just right,
flour it up, and fry it until it was golden brown, yet still juicy!

As I have gone through old photographs
I found that there are no birthday pictures of my brother & I
in any albums.  We didn't even think about snapping a shot
of me & my pie...or angel food cake,
until later years.
Things changed when our little sister came along
as there are some photographs of her with her birthday cakes.
Maybe Mom & Dad got a new camera!

So tomorrow won't be a big celebration.
I just want my family around me
for an easy meal
and a time of being together.
We don't have to go out to a fancy restaurant to celebrate.
But I may have to run to the bakery & buy myself a chocolate pie...
just for old times sake.

Thursday, March 15, 2012


When you enter our beautiful little All American City
by the way of Highway 31,
you will pass by North Christian Church.
Our city is blessed with beautiful architecture,
thanks to the Miller Family & Cummins Foundation,
and is a travel destination for many architectural students.

The grounds are always beautiful, especially in the spring.
Yesterday was my daughter's birthday, and after our lunch time celebration,
I dragged her over for a little photo opportunity...
much to her dismay!
I just knew that the daffodils would be popping up all over!

The daffodils were in full bloom.
There must be a ground cover ground among them
as the beds weren't quite as awesome as in the past.
If you look past the daffodils, you will see the rows
of tulip trees, just ready to burst open.
Would you believe these trees were declared protected
and could not be disturbed during our highway renovation?

Karen, willingly posing for her Momma!

This mornings local newspaper declared that yesterday was a record breaker,
with a high temperature of 81 degrees--2 degrees warmer than ever recorded
for March 14th.
Spring is my favorite time of year...
but it's a wee bit early this time
and I keep holding my breath...
hoping that the frosty mornings
and sometimes springtime snowstorms
don't rain on our parade!
I'm just wondering what is in store for us
weather wise this coming summer.

I had better go grab my camera and see how those
tulip trees are doing!
A little side note about Eero Saarinen...
He was a Finnish-American architect/designer-
designed many beautiful buildings
some furniture-including the tulip chair
designed The Archway in St. Louis!
Google him.