Saturday, February 18, 2012

Trying out new photo editing programs. . .

I have boxes & boxes of old family photos that still need to be scanned & enhanced.
In the past few days I have been experimenting with a couple of editing programs
that I have downloaded on my computer.

Someone suggested "Pixlr-o-matic".
I used it on both of the floral photos & had fun messing around with them.
It isn't something that I would use for enhancements,
but I love what can be done with it.
Makes my not so perfect photography a little more interesting.

At some point, I had already download "Photoscape"
and it seems to be more what I am looking for to replace "Picnik".
There are tools to crop, enhance, brighten, darken, intensify color,
several filters, and also frames.
I haven't conquered all of the features

Below is a family newspaper clipping that I grabbed from a Facebook post
(thank you very much, Kathy!).
I was able to crop, lighten & enhance the photo
and now can use it in my genealogy notebook.
What did we ever do before the Internet?

I also purchased a scanner that will scan negatives, old slides,
and up to 4x6 photographs.
My previous one bit the dust.
If you are interested, I found one one sale at Kohls.

Good luck to all who enjoy playing around with their old pictures.
It just takes a little practice...and quite a bit of patience,
plus a whole lot of time!

Downloads I use:

Photoscape download:

And a quick question...

I am having trouble posting comments on some blogs.
Some posts go through fine.
Others show that I have posted,
but if I go back the comment is not there.
Also, I'm not sure that comments are showing up
that are made on my blog.
Through my blog editing, I have seen that I have missed
a few comments.
I have installed Google Chrome but the problem is not resolved.
And I no longer can got to my blog without signing in to 
Google Chrome.
Very frustrating...
when I am at a point where I am thinking about 
giving it up anyway.

Any suggestions will be appreciated!


Angie Davis said...

Love the flower pictures!

Sheila said...

Thanks for commenting. At least now I know it works this way.

Deserae said...

Beautiful photos! Have a wonderful Sunday :o)

Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

Hi Sheila! I use Picnik a lot and will be sad to see the end of it. I also use Photoscape and like it, but need to learn more about it. I'll have to try out Pixr. Your flowers photos are really pretty!

I hope you don't give up blogging if you enjoy it. I know some days it's hard for me to get motivated to blog and the commenting takes up a lot of time. But I enjoy it for the most part. I enjoy the comments from people and in order to get those, we have to comment back!

Most of all, I just enjoy reading blogs and getting to know people in other parts of the country and seeing how they live and getting to know them. I get lots of ideas from them and I love seeing their photos.

I see you have word verification. There is a lot of talk out there in blogland right now about bloggers not going to comment if it is used because the new way of doing it makes it so hard to make out one of the words and it just takes too much time to figure it out. And those who do a lot of commenting don't have the extra time. Just an FYI for what it's worth. I don't use it and I've never had any trouble with spam, Blogger is pretty good at catching it.

Hope I haven't bored you to tears, I didn't intend to write so much!
Enjoy your Sunday!

Pat@Back Porch Musings said...

I am trying out a couple of new editors, too.
I love seeing your photos Sheila!

Tricia G. said...

Love the flowers!!