Monday, January 23, 2012

Winter Picnik in Indiana

Winter came to our southern part of Indiana this past weekend.
Overnight our streets and parking lots turned into ice rinks.
Thankfully, it hasn't lasted long, due to rising temperatures,
and now we are back to our normal gloomy January days.
(Remind me why we cancelled that Florida trip???)

I opened an email on Saturday telling me that the photo enhancing website
that I use will be shutting down come April.
At first I thought it was a hoax, but as the day wore on, I saw other postings
and knew that change was coming.
I don't do "change" very well.
I get stuck in a rut & it's hard for me to climb out.

At least we have a few weeks to still play around with it & find other options.
Meanwhile....I'm having a Picnik!
(If you want to find me, I'll be at my computer enhancing
a thousand or so snapshots!)

And I've read the warnings that Google will be changing,
meaning Blogger we will no longer be able to link up with other blogs
as we do now.  (Can you tell that I don't know what I'm talking about?)
So...I spent Saturday evening saving all of my favorite blog links
to my "favorites".

My own interests have changed over the last few months
and I find myself not being online as much...
and that's a good thing.
Blogging ideas don't come as quickly.
Maybe it's the winter weather that makes me growl like a hibernating bear.
I'm thinking those icicles need to melt a little so I can get my "blog" back!

How is your winter affecting you?
I think I'll go grab one of my new gardening catalogs & do
 a little summer dreaming.

For you that are interested in other photoshop websites
for links to other options.
Happy Picniking .... while it lasts!


Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

Nice photos, Sheila! I'm going to miss Picnik, too. I use it for all my mosaics. I do wish they'd leave things like they are, I don't do change well.
Hope you don't give up on blogging entirely, I still enjoy it but I don't feel like I need to post everyday so that helps. Take care and stay warm!

Deserae said...

I don't use Picnik..... but there is nothing worse than trying to learn something new because you are forced to and not because you want to! LOL I am not aware of the google I am a little worried!!! Guess I'd better check into that huh?!?!? LOL I have been having bloggers block lately myself so just know you aren't alone!
Have a great week :o)