Friday, January 13, 2012

My Hide-away

We don't have a basement.
But we have the next best thing to it...
an upstairs playroom/turned Mom's hide out.

For all of the years that our 2 children were home,
this upstairs area was their "playroom"
and that is still how we refer to it.
But after they sprouted their wings & left my nest...
I took over their space.

This is where we spend our evenings or free time.
Even though we both have our own desktop computers
just around the corner in the office, I usually end up on the sofa
with my laptop, my Kindle, and a stack of magazine.
Why sit at a desk when I can recline & do the same thing?

The playroom is "L" shaped,
the walls being shorter than standard
with sloped ceilings.
You wouldn't believe how much "stuff" I have crammed into it!

Normally, I never let anyone other than close family members
or friends that won't squeal about how we live "upstairs"!
This area is sort of off limits.

Not too many years ago, this area was decorated in the "retro" look.
There was a Coke border around the room,
a Coke pop machine that had been converted into a bar,
lots of '50's & '50's memorabilia, etc., etc.
I finally tired of it, moved the Coke bar to Bob's car shop,
bought cube style shelving from Archivers,
slapped on a coat of taupey-gray (I don't remember the name) paint,
and took ownership.

Here is a peak or two at my clutter . . .

In reality, I am probably a hoarder.
I think I'm going to clear out closets,
but mostly can't bear to get rid of things with any sentimental attachment.
These shelves are full of photos from years gone by.
Peaking out of the left corner is the rocker
that we bought when Jeff was a baby,
my little dresser-vanity that is almost 60 years old,
and my rocking chair that is from my childhood.

There are Longaberger baskets, Boyds Bears,
and boxes that hold family treasures.
I have found the decorative boxes a good way
to store things I want to keep
but don't want to necessarily display.
Sometimes I take a peak inside these boxes
and surprise myself at what I have hidden away!

In the past few years, I have learned with the loss of my parents
and all of their siblings, that I have lost a great source of family history.
I no longer have someone that will answer questions
of things that happened long ago.
So . . . as I go through old photographs, I am trying to remember
to write on the back of each picture, identifying those
that my own children will not know.

For a while, I spent most of my free time working on family genealogy.
I still love it and work on it when I can.
I have notebooks of information on our family,
mostly files that were shared with me from someone else
that had done the research and hard work.
Just last week, I received an email from someone who had
seen data I had posted to
That person is a very distant cousin and he happily shared
his files and sent me photos of my great-great-grandparents!
Hopefully, my children will someday want to look through these notebooks.

There are drawers full of old family VHS videos
that need to be converted to DVD.
There is a cabinet full of old slides, both ours and my fathers,
that need to be scanned and converted to digital files.
There is an ironing board that never seems to be put away,
always a line of shirts waiting to be be ironed.
There are drawers full of scrapbooking papers, embellishments,
punches, stamps, inks & scissors...
waiting to decorate albums that are stacked along the wall...
also waiting to be filled with photos.

My goal for these cold winter months
is to clear out some of this clutter
and get rid of the excess.
So far, I have only gathered up about one bag...
and that was just clothing that we no longer wear.

So if you wonder where I am,
I'll be upstairs...
in my hideaway...
the one you aren't allowed to see!

I spiffed it up a bit for this post! 

Decorating Disclaimer:
I know the sofas are navy blue and the rug is black...
but the sofas won't wear out & are just too comfy to discard.
Besides, this is a hodge podge room
and definitely doesn't qualify for any beauty ribbons!
We just love it and live in it.


Jenny said...

The best kind of room!!! :)

Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

This sounds like a really good place to relax. One that is comfy and has things all around that are meaningful to you.