Monday, October 3, 2011

Dining Room Memories. . .

There were large family gatherings at Grandma's house
when we would crowd around her dining room table,
all four daughter's having helped prepare a delicious meal.
I remember heaping bowls of buttered mashed potatoes
and a platter of fried chicken, along with all of the trimmings.

What was Grandma's dining room, possibly was meant to be a bedroom.
It wasn't large, situated just off the kitchen in the back corner of the house.
A larger table took up most of the room.
Chairs were all around the table
and once you were seated,
you were there until someone moved
to let you out.
In the corner was a china cabinet
filled with what I thought was the most beautiful dishes,
probably mostly depression glass.
The plate on the easel belonged to Grandma also,
a remaining piece of her "everyday dishes".

On the wall was one of my favorite pictures.
It was always there...back as far as I remember.
When the time came that Grandma's belongings were divided
among her family, my Mom took "The Gleaners" home with her.
For several years it hung on our dining room wall.
Some other piece of art caught Mom's eye & this picture
was covered up...thankfully not tossed in the trash.
At some point I found it, brought it home with me,
used it for a while & put it away.
I recently had it re-framed & it is now displayed in my kitchen. 

I am trying to let my children know about some of my
"favorite things"
and why I hang on to them.
This picture has always reminded me of the story of Ruth,
one of my favorite Bible stories,
and it has special meaning since it belonged to my
beloved Grandma Fulkerson.
It also brings back memories of the times that
the aunts, uncles, & cousins
would come to Grandma's
and although Grandma's house was small,
we made enough room to share meals around
the family table.
Sometimes the younger ones would end up at the kitchen table.
We wouldn't have wanted it any other way.

Maybe someday it will hang on someone elses wall
and there will be more dining room memories.


Karen Walden said...

I will have to get a dining room first! ;)

Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

Beautiful post, Sheila. I remember the Gleaners from somewhere. I think it may have hung on the wall at the one-room country school I attended through the sixth grade. My grandmother also may have had it up in her house. We had many wonderful meals, usually Thanksgiving, at her house, too. Nice memories.