Monday, October 24, 2011

Autumn Road Trip...Part Two

We woke to rain & fog for our second day in West Virginia.
Before we left the area we wanted to go to the viewing area
for the New River Bridge.
Years ago we had seen this bridge under construction,
crossing the valley, saving drivers treacherous miles
on Route 19.
I remember the road as being full of "S" curves, 
descending steeply into the deep ravine.

Here we are driving across the bridge,
unable to see much below because of the fog.

We drove down the side road to the Visitors Center
& viewing area,
only able to barely make out the bridge from this point,
dimly spotting a few car headlights.

But the walk was worth the trip.
And I thought that the rain made the colors more brilliant.

We found Route 60 & drove a few miles to Hawks Nest,
another viewing point for the New River.
The Indians called this the "River of Death"
because of the white water rapids.
It is known for its excellent white watering rafting.
I'll take their word about it!

The horseshoe bend in the New River

A train track running along the mountain
and a train trestle crossing the river

Being in no hurry, and me wanting to watch the leaves,
we took the scenic route towards Virginia.
We drove over 200 miles on roads like this.
It was beautiful!

Along the way, we spotted this entrance
and made a spur of the moment side trip.
Bob didn't think he had ever been here,
then decided maybe he had come on a school trip.

This was our view as we entered the State Park.
It seemed as if there was a golden glow!

Color was everywhere!

And we found this mill!
"Park the car, Bob....I'm getting out!"

This is where Bob began to remember being here before.
He remembered this rock...
and said that somewhere there is a photograph
of his Dad standing in the same spot...

which is a lot farther than it looks when not zoomed in!
I had no idea he would even think about climbing out there,
but he began climbing the rock as soon as he realized
that I wanted a picture.

What a beautiful area...
and we almost missed it! 

Thankful that we had made this spur of the moment side trip,
we decided to head on to our destination.

More miles to go to reach Roakoke.
A lovely drive, even in the rain!


Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

You definitely saw some gorgeous fall foliage and scenery, Sheila! The first photo of the mill would be framed and hanging on my wall, if it were mine! Beautiful! Thanks for sharing these lovely photos.

Jenny said...

Neat pictures!!

Anonymous said...

Your pictures are so beautiful! Like Cheryl, I love the first photo of the mill in that park. You mentioned New River, and I remembered that I had seen New River in Virginia. We've had revivals in a little place called Pembroke, Virginia. The pastor lives about 18 miles west up on a mountain. Traveling from Pembroke to their place on 460 we cross New River, then part of the way the road runs right beside it. The road up to their place is called State Road because the side they live on is Virginia and the other side is West Virginia. Don't know if Bob's family knew Merrill Hedrick, the pastor, or not. He's lived in the same house or area all his life. I wonder where New River starts and where it empties into???

Anonymous said...

Sheila, Anonymous is me, Fayerene

Peggy B. said...

The pictures are beautiful. I love the old mill picture. It would be perfect to enlarge and hang in the fall.

Vee said...

Oh wow...what a great grist mill! Are you going to frame those photos? They are truly beautiful.

Kerin said...

What a beautiful trip!!
I just love that makes everything a bit magical.
Love the picture of the mill....and that water wheel makes me swoon :)
Hope you have a great week!

Kerin said...


Just wanted to stop by and wish you a very Merry Christmas.

Hope it's wonderful...filled with happy memories, and blessing.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely wonderful shots, esp the ol mill... I LOVE LOVE LOVE places like that!

I do hope you'll start blogging again, since this post was from Oct 2011... It's nice to talk to someone from Missouri & I hope your Cape friend joins, too.

Have a Happy New Year & God bless!!! =)