Wednesday, August 3, 2011 Michigan!

I fully intended on sitting this car convention out at home.
But hot weather...and a bunch of other stuff
sent me on my way with Hubby,
this time to Kalamazoo, Michigan.

We travel in a Kodiak truck, pulling a double car trailer.
Normally I rent a car once we get to our destination.
This time was different as we were going off site
to some of the events and I decided to hang out
with the car gang for a change.
(Some of them didn't even know Bob had a wife...
since I usually hit the local attractions or malls!)

Two of our days were spent a 30 minute drive away from the hotel.
Other than being in Detroit, this was our first visit to Michigan.
I found the drive through the countryside quite beautiful,
ending up at a gorgeous 90 acre car museum.
There were several beautiful red barns, full of vintage automobiles,
and not just Chevy's!

 I parked myself under a shade tree with our cooler full of sodas,
and my fully charged Kindle.
If I would have had a way to prop my feet up, I would have slept the day away!

Our first day there was shared with other car hobbyist.
They were expecting over 500 cars, but due to the heat,
the crowd was down to about 300.

Our second day at the Gilmore Auto Museum
was reserved for our club only,
The National Impala Association (NIA)

Somehow we neglected to take very many car photos this time.
That is our black '61 Chevy convertible on the left corner.
Farther down in this post, you will see our '63 Impala SS
(Bob says to tell you it is a 409!)
Palomar Red.
There.  I think I got that right.

This 1960 Chevy Impala
was driven to the convention by Tom Merring
all the way from New Jersey!!!
with 34,000 actual miles-
including rust!

Can you imagine the looks he probably got on that trip?
He was thoroughly enjoying himself.

The grounds were gorgeous...and it was the part I enjoyed most.

 From the Shell Station...

to the authentic diner
that served delicious Chicago style hot dogs
& yummy frozen custard!


On Show 'N Shine Day
the ladies loaded up in a bus & headed north again
towards Battle Creek,
leaving the guys sweating in the parking lot!
 Lunch was waiting for us
at the Kellogg Manor
on beautiful Gull Lake

The summer home for the Kellogg family,
sitting on the hillside shore of Gull Lake.

 I took tons on interior shots but will not post them...
since this is supposed to be all about cars!
So here are just a few ~

Sandy & me...
friends from many conventions ago.
Our daughters became friends a long time ago
& we usually see each other once a year.
The Shea's live in Texas.

Most of these ladies are new friends
since we are relatively new to the NIA.

The gardens were lovely!
The home is now also used for weddings & anniversaries.

Gull Lake

The water was a gorgeous turquoise!

The weather did cool down and our last couple of days were pleasant.

Bob & his '63

He NEVER poses with is car for the magazine shots,
so this was unusual for him.

And I never get in the picture with him.
Oh well...
maybe the rest of the crowd will realize that Bob does have a wife after all!


Jenny said...

Looks like a place I'd love to see! And, do a separate post of the interior shots b/c I wanna see them. :)

Carol said...

Looks like a fun trip. I'm SO glad you went!

Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

I enjoyed your photos, Sheila. Looks like you had a good trip! Nice looking cars, too. The old 60 Chevy brings back memories. My first car was a 59 Chevy much like the 60. It was a yucky green color. My dad found it and thought it was a bargain at 450 dollars and something I could afford! I hated it, but it got me where I wanted to go for a couple of years. Have a good weekend!

Tamara Jansen said...

It's a good thing you went along! What a fantastic location. Love all that nostalgia.