Thursday, August 18, 2011

The Commons...a great place to wear your grandkids out!

It was a hot Saturday afternoon & I was keeping Carter & Brycen
for a while.  They were ready to rock so I decided to let them
burn off a little our local playground.

The Commons
The old mall has been torn down & a new playground & performing arts center
are now in its place, some work still to be completed.
But the playground is open for business! 

Our snazzy city bike racks
which the boys promptly climbed on!

a kinetic sculpture of metal junk
by Jean Tinguely

an original piece preserved from the previous structure

It clings & clangs, huge metal balls go racing around
an enclosed roller coaster style pathway-
arms of metal move
and it is fascinating to stand & watch.
You can even throw coins in the pool around the base of it.

Around the corner is the playground-
air conditioned-
crawling with children of all ages-
and noisy!

Colors are bright & all areas have turf like surfaces

The centerpiece of the playground is the climber
and children of all ages love it! 

I let the boys loose & before I knew it,
both had climbed to the very top!

It is enclosed with a web like material that makes it completely safe,
with no way of falling.
I lost track of how many times Carter & Brycen climbed that thing!

Carter was in his element.
I think he has springs in his feet as I have never seen a kid
jump like he does. 
He was all over the place!

Brycen surprised me by taking off & being very active.
He was on Carter's tail!

All of the kids seem to want a try at this thing.
It is a tube filled with water.
When you crank the handle, a whirlpool forms,
almost like a tornado funnel.

The boys finally wore out & were ready to head to Grandma's house.
We discovered The Commons is a fun, safe place...
a great place to go let the kids run some energy off
on a hot afternoon.

A little more posing for Grandma
on our famous "C"...(Columbus is famous for the dancing C's)

Back to the car, down our brick paved sidewalks

Past our pretty potted plants
on most of our downtown street corners!

one of my favorite ladies of the streets!

Columbus, Indiana
our hometown, and a great place to live!


S. Lashley said...

Loved the detailed, eventful day! I shall take my nephew, Vincent, there someday! :-)

Jenny said...

I need to take Arilynn there! Although, she acts like she might be scared of heights like her mama!

Sheila said...

Jenny- I also took Karen's kids there last week but forgot my camera. I warned them that if they climbed to the top, they would have to come back down by themselves. Grandma wasn't going to climb up to get them! ; ) I don't know if there is an age limit on it or not. There are different areas for different ages of children. Have you ever been to kidscommons across the street? Also a very fun place for kids!

Peggy B. said...

Sounds like a fun Saturday afternoon for Momo and Arilynn.

Deserae said...

What a fun place for the grands to burn some energy!!! Loved the sculpture made from bike parts :o)

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Hi Sheila, what a wonderful place to entertain the boys. My grandson will be here this w/k, wish we lived closer oh my goodness he would love this, as well as myself. :-)) It sounds like you have a busy w/k ahead, take your camera to share loads of pictures with us. Have a great time, be safe. hugs ~lynne~

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Hi Sheila, I hope you're having a fabulous w/k. it's cold and damp here, good 'cause the grandson is here. :-) Puts laughter in the house. Mary Carol's shops are wonderful, the one at Briarcliff is entirely different than the two at Atchison, makes for fun times to visit.. hugs ~lynne~

Lynne (lynnesgiftsfromtheheart) said...

Hi darling, I hope this finds you having a super day. It is one gorgeous fall day here.. hugs ~lynne~