Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Table

It has been a part of our family for almost 35 years now...that old kitchen table.
I remember the day we bought it.
We shopped all over the big stores in Indianapolis,
searching for the perfect round table that would fit our eating area,
only to return to the little town of Edinburgh to find just what we wanted,
right up the road at Douthit's Furniture Store.

 Birthdays have been celebrated around it.
Our children have grown up & have families of their own,
who now have stood behind their own birthday cakes
as we belt out the "happy birthday" song.

I have used it for all kinds of activities.
During my seamstress years, I used it as a cutting table.
During my crafting years, I used it for my project table.
Before the days of cordless phones, I would stretch the long cord
and talk several times a week to my Mom
while sitting at the table.
I have opened mail on it, sorted bills, read greeting cards,
written letters, addressed Christmas cards,
and sat and soaked up the letters from home.

The kids used it for a desk and would do their homework there each evening.
As a young girl, Karen would make sure that our family of four
gathered around that table each night for our ritual bedtime snack.
I've stirred gallons of strawberry freezer jam on May mornings.
I've shucked corn & then cut it off the cob, using the table for work space
on hot summer afternoons.
I've scattered my cookie sheets around the table,
where I hurriedly poured out pans of golden peanut brittle.
Cookies have been cooled there.
Cakes have been frosted.

It has been a place where Easter eggs have been colored.
It has served as a wrapping paper station.
When my grand babies were small,
it became my staging area for snapshots.
It held bouncy seats where I was able to feed the twins at the same time.
Graduation announcements were addressed there.
Wedding invitations were folded.
Family and friends have gathered around the table
for food and fellowship.

We have watched the world go by as we sat at the table
and could see the traffic traveling north and south on I-65...
before the trees became to dense and tall and blocked our view.
We have watched spring time arrive as we gather around the table
and see the trees begin to turn a tinge of green.
We have watched the snow fall and the icicles grow long
while the winter winds of Indiana whipped across our back yard.

Then there were the times when we knew some of our loved ones
wouldn't be coming back to our table many more times.
...the time that Karen came home one evening
to distract me by carving pumpkins for Halloween
because we knew the news we would be getting about Mom
wasn't going to be good.
I'll never forget that last Christmas when Mom made her way to the table
to surprise us all by eating a pretty good plateful of food.

The table has served us well and I never thought I would want to replace it.
But it's time...time to move on.
And anyway, it's just a big chunk of wood...
I know that.

We made the decision to get a new table and chairs
for our "new" kitchen.
It came Friday
and I am looking forward to making a lot of memories around it also.
Bob & I have looked across the table at each other in this house
 for almost 32 of those years.
Now we will be sitting side by side
because neither of us wants to take the back seat
as we wouldn't want to miss what might be happening out our window!

Our family still has meals together,
especially the evening meal and Sunday dinner.
When we were ordering our table, I casually mentioned that our
grandchildren would be sitting around the table for Sunday dinners.
Our sales lady exclaimed that she didn't know anyone did that anymore
and she was thrilled to know that our family still had that tradition.
Oh yes...I want my grandchildren to remember
good times around Grandma's kitchen table!

And the old table is going to a good home...
still in the family,
to my brother's house!


Karen Walden said...

Great post and you're right, great memories around that old kitchen table! After you get your "new" kitchen, you might not want these grandkids coming around and messing it up! :o) (By the way, I could've done without some of those lovely photos! Ha Ha!)

Anonymous said...

I love your old table Sheila. The memories must be extra special.

Your new table is beautiful and imagine the new memories that will be made there.:-)

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Awwwww this post about made me cry. My Mom still has her old table and I always ask her when she is going to replace that old scratched up thing. She just smiles. I know what she is feeling now :)

My Cottage Charm said...

Hey Sheila! :) Thanks for commenting on my blog about my washer and dryer. You know, until you said that about the delicate cycle, I don't think I even noticed it had that setting! lol I haven't had a chance to get my book out and really "see" what all it can do, but I sure do love it so far! I can't believe how much my water bill has gone down...close to $30.00!
I was so glad to read your post on your old table..cause I've been wanting to paint mine and was having serious guilt over painting over all the little scratches etc, that we've put on it over the last 25 years. I'm also replacing the chairs and was having some serious guilt over that too..your post made me feel better! Thanks! :) It's just a piece of furniture...the memories are in my heart, not in that table. :)

Tamara Jansen said...

What a wonderful post. Memories are a beautiful thing, aren't they?