Thursday, March 24, 2011

Putting Bob the Builder to Work!

Being married to a builder...and a guy named Bob at that!
I'm always dreaming about one of the projects he has going.
Our house was built in 1979-
back before the days of the open floor plans,
with kitchens & family areas blending together--
when bulk heads were in style--
when we would never, ever think of putting wood floors in our kitchens,
much less ceramic!

I love my home & there is no way we will be moving--
Tipton Lakes would frown on Bob's car shop
& long, long car trailer.
So we will be here on the top of Carr Hill
until one or the other of us can no longer climb the stairs to the bedrooms.

And my dream is about to come true...

 You may remember my post from last October,
asking for any advise on redoing our kitchen.

I was anxious to get rid of the almond appliances-
the country blue vinyl floor
and the "country" decor! 

About 3 weeks ago, I decided I had lived with that dirty wallpaper long enough,
so the stripping began.
I was pretty sure there was another layer of wallpaper under there.
(Who knew we would live here so long?)
Not only was there another layer of wallpaper that had been painted over,
there were two layers of border that would only come off with steam!

I worked for days
steaming & stripping & scraping.
I began to plead with my Bob the builder,
telling him that this would be the perfect time to remodel.
I didn't even know where to start.
I knew I wanted a farmhouse sink,
so off I went to our local plumbing supply store,
pretty sure that I would be ordering a white sink.

Our sales lady quickly convinced me that "cane sugar" was the color
I needed as she had just what I wanted, already in their warehouse,
& at a bargain price. 
And so it began.

Meanwhile, I knew in the back of my mind that I was going to have
company in early May.  Discussing this one evening, Bob told me
that there was no way in the world that the kitchen
would be completed that soon. 
I quickly responded by reminding him that he if he could do it for a client,
 he could do it for me!
My two cousins were coming for a girl week,
one of them having never been here before, & I wasn't about to let her
see this mess!  I did a little arm twisting/convincing/begging, and workers
crawled out of the woodwork!  I knew with this economy that some of
these guys would be happy for a little extra work.

Notice the bulk head.

I knew the next hurdle would be the flooring.
My heart was sort of set on ceramic tile,
mostly because I knew we wouldn't be replacing the cabinets
and I didn't want the kitchen too dark.
Margie the floor expert was call & she soon arrived with a trunk load of samples.
My idea of ceramic was thrown out the window as we had a floor problem
& didn't want broken tiles.
Cork?  Nope...I hated it.
Tile that looked like ceramic that was really vinyl?  Noooooo....
Decision was made...and boxes of wooden flooring
are sitting in the middle of my family room at this moment.

Back to the bulk heads.
I had been wanting them out since 1993...
I remember because that's when I began buying Longaberger baskets
and really needed lots and lots of space to put them.
But Bob said there was plumbing in them from the upstairs bath
and it couldn't be done.

But someone else convinced him differently!
Margie (the floor expert/interior designer) said...
"Bob, why don't you take out those bulk heads as they
really are out of style.  And that needs to be raised up!
It's way too low"
That's all it took.

So, after I steamed, stripped & scraped,
the bulk heads were torn out!
And guess what...
the plumbing wasn't down in the bulk head!
I could have had this look 18 years ago!
I am actually very thankful that it is happening now.

And this is our dining room...
two tables full of what was in our cabinets.
I can't believe I am showing you this mess...
but this is what happens when you remodel.

Mr. Drywaller & his assistants were here for a couple of days,
stirring up quite the dust.
Since the bulk heads were torn out & new drywall installed,
ceiling textures had to be blended...

...way into the family room
since there is no where to stop!
My family room was draped with plastic for a day or two
and still in quite the mess. 

And this is my entryway.
Flocked, yes flocked!!! wallpaper
which has never been changed since we moved in here almost 32 years ago
and it is someone dirty, to say the least.

And it is two stories tall!

Bob & I had every intention of tackling this job ourselves.
Until I fell a few weeks ago & hurt my knee.
That's when I called the man that my friend had used..
(and she about "un-friended" me when I told her we would do it ourselves!...)
He is coming Monday
to strip the entryway wallpaper
and repaint the walls.

Might as well make another mess while we are at it!

So, if you don't hear from me for a while,
you will be able to figure out where I am.
It all started with stripping a little wallpaper and I thought
I would be finished in a few days.
At this point all of my downstairs looks like it's been bombed!
I had to go on a treasure hunt this morning just to find my mail key.
We are breakfasting in the upstairs playroom
and having lunch in the garage.
Needless to say, there is no way to cook around here for a while.
One thing has lead to another
that I will tell you about later.

I hope that we have made the right choices.
Bob has a good eye for putting things together in his houses
so I have depended on him to help me make some decisions.
This is something that we shouldn't have to ever do again.
I'll let you know how it turns out.
Wish me luck!
Company's coming!


Karen Walden said...

Oh my goodness!!! I can't believe you showed these pictures to the world! I can't imagine having to live like that for a few weeks either. It would drive me crazy! Your new kitchen is going to look so awesome though! Can't wait to see the finished product!!!

By the way, when the drywall men are up stripping the entryway wallpaper, tell them to take down that lace curtain and throw it in the trash! LOL.....

Come on over for supper anytime! You're gonna get sick of eating out!

Sheila said...

LOL! I had already thought about the curtain, Karen. And the speaker is coming out of the wall too!

Angie Davis said...

I love the farmhouse sink!!! Can't wait to see the finished product!

Deserae said...

You have my sympathy dear friend! We went thru this a year ago with our own kitchen and trust me it will be well worth it in the end...just keep telling yourself that :o) Our barbeque was a life saver...except I no longer care for hotdogs anymore! LOL...Can't wait to see it all back together!!!!!!

Tricia G. said...

That's so exciting!!! Can't wait to see the After pictures!!