Thursday, January 13, 2011

Is There a Casket in the House?

Snow days, Daddy having to go on a business trip,
& Mommy's 12 hour shift at the hospital
can make for frazzled nerves for the babysitter.
Not that they are bad kids...
it is just a little stressful when big brother is home from school,
it's too cold to go outside,
& you are used to the peace & quiet of your own home.
That is what happened to Uncle Steve yesterday,
the official sitter for the day.
So...I told him to bring them out to Grandma for a while.

Spaghetti is one of their favorite meals
so as they played in the family room
I stirred up the pasta & hurried to finish dinner.
The twins were playing & out of one ear
I heard Paige say to Peyton
"Hey!  Let's play dead."
Next I heard giggles so I thought maybe I should
take a peak at what in the world they were doing.
I wish I would have snapped a picture!

There in my brand new bench that I had just been bragging about,
was Paige!
...with the lid up & her stretched out like she was in a casket!
Of course I hollered at them to get out of my bench right this minute
& never to do that again!
I then realized that just maybe Peyton & Paige have been too a few too
many funeral home visitations recently.
It just goes to show you that little eyes are more observant than we realize
& they do know what is going on.
And it also makes Grandma think that maybe she shouldn't
be quite so worried about her decor.
It only takes a 5 year old to knock the props
out from under you...
or the bottom out of your bench!

(Thankfully no furniture was damaged in this episode!)


Peggy B. said...

Oh my....MERCY!!!!!

Karen Walden said...

Now I used to like to "play church" when I was a little girl, but I never went this far!! Good grief! Pretty sure Paige takes after her daddy!! ;o) Amazing to think that her little imagination thought that up!