Saturday, January 15, 2011

The Dirty Bird! -- or Murder in My Back Yard

I'm a bird feeder.
Well, I suppose I should word that as...I enjoy feeding the birds.
The feeder is right out my kitchen window & I try to keep it filled,
especially on the very cold days.
I have chickadees, finches, cardinals, & way too many sparrows.
During the springtime there are many other varieties that come.
And while Steve was staying here for a while,
we got a book on the birds of Indiana & became
quite the bird watchers.

We have a Norway Spruce pine tree that we planted too close to the
patio many years ago, and it now stretches over 24 feet tall.
The birds love it.
I call it their high rise apartment.
You can watch them come to my feeder,
then scurry back to the safety of their tree.

But one of them got to brave late this afternoon.
Too late, I saw a hawk with something in his talons,
holding it down
& then he had his dinner!
Right there in my back yard, just out my kitchen window,
that dirty bird murdered one of my birds in cold blood!

I almost went to the door to shoo him away,
but I realized that it was too late to save what he had in his clutches,
so let nature take it's course.
I about lost MY appetite
& at one point had to walk away from the window.
I've seen him hanging around here for quite some time
and once saw him swoop down into my gazebo,
thankfully not catching any of my pretty finches.
I'm sure he will be back--
the dirty bird!
You should see the awful mess he made.
At least he could clean up after himself!

I think he is a Cooper's hawk.
Any of you bird watchers feel free to correct me!


Carol said...

So cool that you got a pic of your hawk mid-dinner! The feather spread is slightly nauseating, yet super cool. Glad you caught that moment in time.

Tamara Jansen said...

Who would have thought that a bird feeder could attract so much violence?! Another reason not to have a bird feeder at my place :)

Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

A dirty bird, indeed! I love my little feathered friends and enjoy watching them. But some of the bigger predators...not so much.