Wednesday, December 1, 2010


34 years ago yesterday,
Jeff came into our hearts & lives
& everything brightened up!

I remember the feeling of being a complete family when he was born.
We now had a daughter & son...
& for me, that was all I needed!

Jeff has brought many sun-shiny days to us
with his gift of laughter & humor.
When the mood strikes, he can be full of mischief!

We have watched him grow from a teenager who
sometimes struggled with the burdens of his era,
into a loving & caring husband
& father of 3 wonderful children.

And he is still a clown!

We hope you had a wonderful birthday!
We love you with all of our hearts
& wish this next year is full of happiness for
you & your family! 

Jeff & his little Thompson's...
Brycen, Carter & Kerrigan

The sunshine of our lives!


Karen Walden said...

Happy Birthday Jeff! Hope you enjoyed your day! Thanks for inviting us to eat out with you!

The Farmer's Daughter said...

Hi Sheila, Happy Birthday to your handsome son! He has a very lovely family, too.

Have a great day,