Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Decorator's Showcase-The Upstairs!

Come go with me on the rest of the Irwin home tour.

We climbed the winding wooden stairway to the second floor
where we were able to view 3 rooms.

The first room was the sitting area off of Clementine Miller Tangeman's bedroom.
The decorator has used Ms Tangeman's favorite color, teal, for accent color.

This chandelier had been glittered up for the season,
but you can see that Clementine loved her bright colors!

The tree was decorated in teal, brown, & golds & it was gorgeous!

Her desk set at the window facing the east.
And as we drew back the curtain for a peak at the gardens,
this is what we saw!

Can you imagine living in a home with a view like this?
It was as if the snow angels had done their own decorating,
especially for this special day.
It took our breathe away!

On to the second room, referred to as J.I & Xenia Miller's bedroom.

Black, white & animal prints were used in here.

You can spot another of Xenia's creches on the mantle.

A photo on display of the Miller's.
They had a great influence in our town & were a wonderful family.

We noticed that the bathroom fixtures have not been replaced.
The old ones fit the mood of the home.

The front bedroom was referred to as Joseph Miller's...I think!
(I should have written this all down but there was too much to take in.)
This decorator is from North Vernon
& she too used a Victorian theme.

The pink poinsettias were very pretty on this tree.

We noticed the Bible that was open to Luke Chapter 2.
It belonged to the decorator's father.

Whimsical touches to the bathroom...

I loved the lime green & hot pink!

And a tub full or ornaments!

Our tour was over & it was time to go back down the stairway.
Mary Ann & I were so glad that we had taken an hour out of our Saturday morning
to go through the home.  It was beautifully done & well organized.
We are hoping it becomes an annual event!
But I'm not sure I would want that many snow covered feet tramping through
my house for two days!

If you go to the website,
you can see how the guest rooms look during the year,
& you can read about the history of the home.

Hope you enjoyed our little tour!

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Lauren Burton said...

I've always wanted to see the inside! Some of those decorations are amazing.