Sunday, December 12, 2010

Christmas Decorators Showcase

There is a stately old home in our town, one of those old houses you dream about living in.
When we first came to Columbus, Clementine Miller Tangeman still lived there,
dividing her time between her hometown & New York City.
There are gardens in the side yard of the home...
gardens that invite you to some sit a while & enjoy the beauty & serenity of your surroundings.
The family would very generously open the gardens to the public on weekend afternoons & you often could find a few visitors strolling the grounds.

The Irwin-Miller family lived in this home.
But with the death several years ago of Mrs. Tangeman
& recently of the Millers,
the house was sold & is now a bed & breakfast.

Last Saturday as the snow was quilting the grounds in a beautiful white blanket,
the home was opened for our very first
Decorators Showcase
as The Inn at Irwin Gardens.

Several area decorators turned the home into a glittery Christmas wonderland.
Each ticket holder had an assigned time to tour for 1 hour.
My friend & I walked in promptly at 10:00 & used every minute of our allotted time!

The main parlour was decorated in a Victorian style.
I noticed that the walls were no longer the dark stained mahogany,
but had been painted a beautiful shade of aqua-blue.
Even the woodwork had been painted an off-white & it was all beautiful!

Creamy silk magnolias, aqua & amber ornaments,
feathers & seed pods
made for a Victorian feeling.

You will notice several creches throughout the home.
Zenia Miller had left part of her collection to United Way
which was displaying them,
along with having an auction.

This painting shows the side view of the home, looking back from the gardens.
And with the snow falling outdoors, it looked as if we were walking through the painting itself!

In Innkeeper had most of the furniture moved out of the home for the showcase
& the decorators used pieces of their choice.
I'm not sure which pieces belonged with the home.

A hutch in the second parlor

Another creche on the hutch

The second parlor fireplace, with candles all aglow!

There were quite a few people on tour the same time as us,
so it was impossible to get pictures of everything.
I somehow missed the Christmas tree in this room.

The dining room was decorated by the design class at Ivy Tech.
They used a Mexican-Spanish motif to compliment the creches in this room.
Notice the tiny one on the end of the table.
I think it was from Ecuador.

This was a large ceramic creche from Mexico.
The colors were very vibrant, like a Mexican Fiesta!

Another creche from South America

On to the library...every book lovers dream-
& I didn't come home with even a glimpse of a book on a shelf!
Believe me...there were many!

I don't remember about the large creche on the fireplace

but the poinsettias & two fireside chairs were promptly put on my wish list!

A blurry shot of the library tree.
You will have to take my word for it that they have a lovely view of the gardens!

I fell in love with these old light fixtures!
The bright bulbs are shielded with fabric ovals, making a candle like glow.
And I loved the wall covering!

I think they somehow sneaked a silk amaryllis in on us!

Of them all, this creche was my favorite.
I could see it sitting in a garden...
but it won't be mine
as I didn't fork over the money for the privilege to attend the benefit auction!

And this is just the first floor.
More touring to come...
For information about The Inn at Irwin Gardens
go to


Karen Walden said...

Looks very pretty! Are there very many "rooms" to stay in there? Did they say if they are "booked" a lot or not? I'm sure it is quite expensive to stay there. Neat place! I remember going there many times on a Sunday afternoon and taking pics! One in particular! In my wedding dress on our first anniversary!

Sheila said...

The people that operated the Inn weren't there, or at least I didn't know who they were. Go to their website & you can see pictures & prices. Every once in a while they have specials. Yes...I remember taking pictures on your 1st anniversary!

The Farmer's Daughter said...

Hi Sheila, what a beautiful home! I can see why it would take a full hour to tour. It's very large and impressive! How is the weather your way? It's been very cold here with a bit of snow on the ground.

Have a good week,