Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas 2010

 Since our children have married,
and they do their spouse's family Christmas
on Christmas Eve,
it has become a tradition of ours to have dinner out
& then ride around town & look at the Christmas lights display.
I spent that day putting finishing touches on gift wrapping,
gave the house a quick touch up,
prepared some casseroles for the next day,
& cooked Tom Turkey.

I was so glad I had accomplished so much on Christmas Eve
as Karen's wish was granted
& the census was low enough that she didn't have to go to work!
Quick phone calls were made early Christmas morning,
and my crowd arrived for dinner about 3 hours early!

Jeff & Karen's families had opened their gifts early Christmas morning
and arrived at Grandma's house ready for dinner!

Most of them had asked for Pillow Pets, & since they were impossible to wrap,
I sat them out with their goodie bags.
They dived in to see what surprises were in their Santa bags
& then dinner was served!

Somehow we didn't do "food" pictures this year!
I usually do a ham dinner for Christmas,
but was hungry for turkey & the trimmings,
& I think we were all happy to have that meal again.

My pretty Christmas dishes never even came out of the closet this year.
I planned on using them Christmas day,
but at the last minute decided we wouldn't want to do dishes
for 13 people, & so used paper plates.
Tucked away in my buffet were these pretty paper plates & napkins.
No one complained...especially our clean up crew!

We gathered around the Christmas tree in the family room.
Bob was going to ready the Christmas story from Luke, Chapter Two,
when our Christian School educated adults decided to see
 if they could still quote it.
Jonathan, Karen, & Jeff recited it...Karen remembering most of it.
When they were finished, Paige piped up & said
"Man...that was a long Bible story!"
She was ready to open gifts!

It takes us forever to pass out presents & then to open them.
We don't tear into them, but each person patiently waits their turn,
& we start with the youngest child opening first & do it by age.
It does take a long time, but as some said later,
it took us a long time to shop & we want to see each person open their gifts.
We were blessed!
Of course we all spent too much & got more than we needed,
but I do it out of a heart full of love.
I always say I'm going to cut back each year & thought I did this year.
It was a full day of family, fun, & fellowship!

And for a day or two more I'm enjoying my decorations...


Joycee said...

Your home is just so welcoming, love your trees and the tablescape. I would have never guess the plates were paper! As much as I love my china and the sparkle of putting out the best, taking this shortcut would add to our Christmas. I laughed when I read about your sweet potato incident on my post today! We all have disasters in the kitchen, I will have to order a new crisper after things settle down a little! Wishing you a happy and healthy 2011!

Whosyergurl said...

Sheila, Came over to see you from Granny Mountain. Your sweet potato casserole story was hilarious!
XO from Bloomington, IN!

The Farmer's Daughter said...

The paper plates look pretty...I wouldn't have guessed! I was wishing I'd used them myself after running 3 loads in the dishwasher after our meal. Took all evening! And I still had to wash some pots and pans by hand. Your home looks so pretty.

Happy New Year to you and yours,

Anonymous said...

What a festive home you have created Sheila! Looks like everyone had just the best time!!

Wishing you a blessed 2011!