Wednesday, November 24, 2010

November 24th...

118 years ago, on a small farm in Boone County Missouri,
a baby girl was born to Samuel & Linnie Pemberton.
She was their firstborn
& they named her Nettie Exie

She grew up to be a beautiful young lady,
married Charlie
& became my Grandma Fulkerson.
I grew up in the same small town, living only a few blocks away,
& I loved her will all of my heart.
Sometimes I still dream of her...
and some day I'll tell you her story.

99 years later
a beautiful baby girl was born to my sister,
Kylie Ann.
And today is their birthday!
Grandma lived for 81 years.
I wish Kylie could have met her...

And I'm watching in amazement as the years speed by,
watching Kylie grow from that sweet little baby,
into a beautiful woman!

Happy birthday to our free spirited Kylie!


Carol said...

Thanks for posting this, Sis! I wish Kylie could have met Grandama too! Can't wait to see you. Now, I must get busy! See you soon!

waldens1996 said...

Happy Birthday Kylie! Love you and can't wait to spend Thanksgiving with you!