Monday, November 29, 2010

My little brother...

I have always had a memory of standing on my Grandma's front porch,
with her holding my hand, & watching Mom & Dad pull away from the driveway.
We went in the house & she fixed me a bowl of home canned tomatoes,
sprinkled with salt, pepper & sugar with saltines crumbled in the bowl...
one of our favorite between meal snacks.
And I have always thought that memory was when my mother was on the way
to the hospital to "get my brother, Steve".
I would have been 2 years & 9 months old.

Throughout the years we  have had the typical "big sister, baby brother" relationship.
I have always loved him with all of my heart,
in spite of being the bossy big sis!

The rest of my memories include him...
I don't remember a time when there wasn't a little brother, Steve.

We grew up together in that little Missouri town-
back when times were simpler

when we safely played in our front yard without Mom having to worry about us,
when our entertainment was listening to the radio & Mom reading books,
when we were faithfully taken to church & learned to love Jesus,
...back before the world changed as we grew up in the protests of the 1960's

And as we grew up, distance kept us apart.
Steve moved away to Colorado for work,
later moving to Ohio and then on to California.
Thanksgiving & Christmas brought our families together.

Life happened.
When I was 15 & Steve 12, we were surprised to find a baby sister
added to our sibling mix.
Decades passed.
And somehow we are now the age that our parents were not so very many years ago.

For a while, Steve made his home with us and then he returned to California
for just a little longer.
There was no reason for him to stay.
So he returned to see if he would be happy living in this part of the country.
He has made a good life for himself and we love having him a part or our family.
Hopefully, Indiana is now home to him.

It's strange to look in the mirror & see that we are now Senior Citizens--
and we are the oldest generation in our family.

Happy birthday, Steve!
May you celebrate many more at home in Indiana!


Carol said...

What a sweet post in honor of your baby brother and my big brother! I'm so glad he's with family now. Loved the pics... especially the one of him in those awesome shortie-shorts!!! : )

The Farmer's Daughter said...

Hi Sheila, I've really enjoyed catching up on your posts. Happy Birthday to your brother, that is a very nice post about him. I had 2 brothers, and miss them very much, so I know how special brothers are.

Your "Stretch" post was wonderful, too. I will have to save that poem. Love the photo of the table, too.

Have a good day,

Karen Walden said...

Some great photos on here! I'm sure Steve will be proud! ;o) Happy Birthday Steve! The Walden gang loves you very much!!!

Deserae said...

I loved reading about your sweet :o) Wishing Steve a very Happy Birthday!!!!!