Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Show Me the Sunflower State!

It was the night before I was to be on an early morning flight
when I began to feel the rumblings in my tummy
& I knew I was in trouble!
Without going into graphic detail,
I will just tell you that at 3:30 a.m.
I wasn't too convinced that I would be able
to board the plane to K.C.

I remember moaning out a quick prayer...
"Lord, please don't let me throw up on the plane!!!"
and I began to feel better.
Amazingly, I made it!
The rude little man sitting next to the window on my flight
had no clue that he was being exposed to the flu bug.
I only hope that he took his Airborne!

Day One
 is sort of a faded memory for me.
Thankfully, our flight wasn't full. 
We were flying high & fast as we arrived 20 minutes early!
Carol & Kylie picked me up curbside
& off we went to Cracker Barrel
where I surprised myself by enjoying some peach pancakes.

I do remember taking a 2 hour nap
while Carol made a grocery store run.
And in the fog, I remember agreeing to go
to Jake's football game...
not even thinking about it possibly being 2 HOURS long
& having to sit on metal bleachers,
facing the sweltering afternoon sun!!!
  (Wasn't that the famous George that used to play
for the Royals that just walked by us?)
I should have taken my camera...
- - -
Day Two
 was a "just sisters" day.
Carol & I did a run to Marshall's & then headed towards The Plaza.
She had recently discovered a little French restaurant
in the Brookside area of Kansas City,
which was at the end of the street in the above photograph.
Of course we checked out the shops!

My appetite had returned & we had a cup of delicious
French Onion Soup
(...since we were at a French restaurant!)
and---burgers & fries!
Probably the best fries I've ever had
& the burger was fresh, organic beef.
Well, that is how we justified ordering such a typical
American meal!

It was a gorgeous autumn day
& we enjoyed dining alfresco!

After lunch we drove around a little,
ending up back on the Kansas side.
I've always loved downtown Overland Park
and some of the shops on Sante Fe Drive.

Day Three
  was planned to be a "cousins" day.
Two cousins, one from Omaha & another from Manhattan
were unable to come at the last minute.

We headed back across the Missouri line,
driving north to St. Joseph
where we met up with cousins for lunch at Cheddars.

Our mother's & father were brother & sisters & we have always been
a close knit family.
Now we are the oldest generation.
Distance keeps us from seeing each other often
but we are trying to keep the family tied together.

From the left...
I live in Columbus, Indiana
cousin Cherie lives in St Joseph, Missouri
cousin Luana lives in Gardner, Kansas
cousin Hazel Dean lives in Fremont, Nebraska
and my sister, Carol, lives in Overland Park, Kansas
We are now scattered all across the Midwest.

Dean & Sid made a 3 hour drive one way
just for lunch!  They had evening plans so headed
back home after we ate.
I'm thinking they may have made pretty good time
in that buggy!

Cherie invited us over to see her beautiful new home
and we visited the afternoon away.

Hugs were given-
promises were made to do it again-
and we went our separate ways,
after a day of more memory making.

And we crossed the Missouri River once again,
returning to Kansas.

...to be continued...


Anonymous said...

Fun time Sheila. I enjoyed seeing the photos!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad you were able to visit your family. I found out when we were in Overland Park and Kansas City the last of August that they are big cities. I think I would get lost, too much for this country girl.