Monday, October 18, 2010

Indiana Autumn

We are in drought conditions here in south-central Indiana.
For the last two months we have had very little rain,
leaving everything crispy & crunchy
with some of our trees in distress.
Lawns that were not watered have turned a dirty brown.
And although we have a sprinkler system & were able to water,
the extreme heat of the summer let the crabgrass & spurge
take root in my yard.
I'm actually glad to see the summer come to an end.

In spite of dry conditions, we are seeing some color.
Other trees have already dropped their leaves
or their leaves have turned into a petrified drab green.

I snapped this photo out my rolled down window at our
bank drive-thru window one day last week. 
The Linden trees had turned a glorious golden yellow,
but the winds quickly swept them away
& they are now bare.

Our lady "Eos" welcomes us to our local city park,
Mill Race,
along the banks of the White River.
Very little color showed up in the trees in the park.
I usually see more color on our street
& just off the road that we live on.
People drive for hours to visit Brown County State Park,
just 20 minutes west of us.
I rarely go there this time of the year,
never wanting to fight the traffic & crowds.

Hedge Apples

Years ago, Mom used to gather these up, slice them in thick sections,
& bake them in a slow oven to make the edges curl.
Then she would run a wire through them
& make "hedge apple roses"
for an autumn bouquet of dried wildflowers & seed pods.
I'm sure I helped...back in my crafty days.

I still have some flower beds to clean out & leaves to rake.
But the cold weather is coming & hopefully with it, rain.
I always feel like Mother Nature is getting her garden
ready for a little rest this time of year,
& I need to do the same.

It won't be long until
"The Frost is on the Punkin' "

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June said...

In spite of the dryness Sheila, everything in your corner of the world is beautiful. The colors are certainly lovely.
Thank you so much for coming over to introduce yourself. I love to make new friends and see beautiful blogs. Your blog certainly is one of them. What lovely words you left, and I wanted you to know how much I appreciate them.