Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I'm Dreaming of a New Kitchen....

My kitchen needs an update!
I'm forever stuck in the '90s...or maybe farther back than that!

We built our home in 1979 & it is not the open floor plan that is so popular now.
But it has good "bones" & I don't want to toss it all out the door.
And I am going to have to try to do what I can on a budget
since Mr. Fix It decided he is retired & our income took a nose dive!

What I have is a hodge-podge of probably mostly country decor.  Ug...that is a lot of clutter.
I told you I was stuck in the '90s!
But try as I might, that is what I go back to.

Our cabinets will have to stay.  I did recently change out the ceramic handles with the blue & mauve hearts on them, to the more up to date Venetian bronzed pulls.  It made a world of difference.
Counter tops have been replace once (originally the Formica butcher block!), and are now almond flecked.
I would love, love, love to have granite, but may have to settle for Corian or some lighter weight material as we do have a span problem with the floor.

This shows the other side of the kitchen...and some problem areas I would like to correct.
Notice how the frig is in a corner by the wall. 
The right hand door only opens as far as the wall allows...& that keeps me from being able to remove the bottom 2 drawers.  I realized that problem one time when someone spilled orange juice! 
My thought is to jocky the cabinets around & move the frig away from that dead corner.  Wouldn't a stainless French door frig look lovely there? 
Then notice the 2 black appliances--the top one is the microwave & the lower one is my oven.
After living here for years, I finally realized that my oven is NOT full sized, will not hold a very big bird at Thanksgiving, & limits my ability to bake more than 2 dishes at once.  On holidays & special occasions I have to do a lot of shuffling & reheating.
Then there is the flooring...
Armstrong vinyl that was installed about 15 years ago,
thankfully has kept it's no-wax appearance..but needs to go.
I'm torn between ceramic tile or wood floors.
And ideas???

This island is where most of the cooking is done.
Originally the cooktop had the coil electric burners.  The ceramic top was put in several years ago & I love it.  My idea is to redo the island & include a full sized range, with a large oven & ceramic top...maybe even a down draft vent, if such a thing exists.  I've always wanted a bar area but don't know if I want to take up that much space out of my kitchen.  Would I use it?  I know I could use the counter space!

The border definitely has to go!
Trouble is...I remember putting this border over one that was already there--
& I dread to even think about stripping the border & wallpaper off!

My dream kitchen has a "farmhouse apron" sink!
The problem I have with this sink is the disposal is in the small side--
& for some reason that is where I do my dish washing.  Let me tell you...large pots don't fit!
As you can see, I'm a Hobby Lobby/junk collector & I love my shelf.
But I can see this being replaced by a plate rack.
Do I want a plate rack enough that I would give up my shelf?

I have begged hubby to knock this bay window area out & extend our eating area.  Nope...Mr. Handy Dandy builder says it can't be done.  (I bet he could do it for someone else!!!)
The sun shades are only 2 years old & I like them.
I thought I liked them without window treatments but I'm thinking it is too plain.  Not sure what type of window treatment to go with though.  We do have a beautiful view of the back yard & flower garden, so most of the time the shades are rolled up.
Maybe I just need a valance??? 
The table will have to stay--but the chairs may be replaced.
Table has 2 large leafs that enlarge it to seat 8.
Almond colored/dirt colored wallpaper has to go. 
More stripping...
This wall & the bulkhead (with border) will be only areas to be painted.
More decisions...
what color do I want?
This faces the west so I do get a lot of bright afternoon sun.
I was thinking about "restrained gold" or maybe something a shade lighter.
Then I found "rainwashed" & fell in love with it.
I'm getting more confused the longer I put this project off! 
 This may never turn out to be the kitchen of my dreams.
But I'm ready to start doing some shopping & making some decisions.
I know I want ceramic tile between the cabinets-
under counter mounted lighting-
new flooring/maybe a distressed wood
a new sink!
new counter tops
and possibly a redesigned island. 

Your thoughts and suggestions are more than welcome!
Hubby has built houses for years,
but when it comes to doing something at home,
it takes a while to get done.

I don't even know where to begin!
(It may be a very long winter....)


Tricia G. said...

AGH!!!! I would love to come over and help you! I LOVE the light blue color, maybe you could paint the cabinets too for a fresh look?? A lot of people are doing that now...including myself. ha! We are getting ready to do some work in ours - so excited! Can't wait to see your progress!

The Farmer's Daughter said...

Hi Sheila, I love to see makeovers! Personally, I like your pretty kitchen the way it is now, altho I might take off the border and add a valance in the bay window area. I really like the shelf with your collectibles on it.

As far as the wallpaper border, the easiest way to get that off is to soften the paper so it will peel off easily. We've had good success with using fabric softener and warm water sprayed on a small area at a time.

The paint samples are very pretty, I like the warmer shade of gold but it depends on what you pick out for the tile and flooring, etc.

My own style is not very up-to-date, but it is me. My kids are always trying to get me up to speed, but I stick pretty firmly to my own style! It's what I like. I did take off wallpaper in the kitchen area last year and painted some of the walls Martha Stewart Barn Red and I love it! Quite a change for me!

Good luck with your makeover,
we'll be looking forward to seeing what you do!

Have a good day,

Angie Davis said...

Sheila, I can't wait to see what you do! To be honest, I'm lusting after your kitchen now. Mine is awful!

You're right--it has great potential. Pretty much a decorator's dream!

Karen Walden said...

Sounds like a ton of work, but I know you've been dying to tear into it for years now. Hope you get to turn it into your dream kitchen very soon! Sit on Santa's lap! ;o)

Jenny said...

So, I know your hubby doesn't like the idea, but I'm all about painting your cabinets a white or an off white color!! :) The blue color is a good choice! Of course, I would say that since I painted my kitchen cabinets white and the walls a blue color. LOL! (It made the room so much bigger and "cleaner." <--Not that that means "clean." :P)

Vee said...

Hi! Thought I'd come over and comment because you were so sweet to visit me and you know how much I love comments.

Oh you are a brave one to ask for opinions because they'll be all over the map. Not to mention the fact that there's not just one person commenting here, my mother is standing at my shoulder with an opinion of her own. Ha!

One thing is certain, your kitchen does have a lot going for it and I'm sure that you will find your way to just the right look for a freshening up. Personally, I love the cabinets because they remind me of a good old-fashioned farmhouse kitchen. (My mom loves your windows overlooking your yard.) Have you seen Mary's (Little Red House) plate rack? She featured it recently and she told me the dowels come out so she can clean. If you keep the darker cabinets, I'd hope you'd go with cheerful light colors on the wall and the floor and the countertops. But that's just < strike > me < / strike > us!

Flat Creek Farm said...

Well, I am going to follow this project, for sure! I'm doing a very limited re-do on our poor old kitchen this winter. We still do plan on taking down our old farmhouse in a few short years (trust me, it does *not* have good bones! or we would keep it). So the redo will be quick & simple & frugal. I love your shelf & display items, and couldn't see myself parting with something like that :) -Tammy

Joycee said...

Well, I hope you are taking your vitamins! We built 5 years ago and it was one long year of delays and decisions! Lots of things I wish we had done. My best advice is to get what you want, we were building for retirement so built smaller. I wish our kitchen was bigger with a walk in pantry like our last house. Try and get what you know you want and need!

Susie from Bienvenue said...

Awww Miss Shelia...you have picked an awesome paint swatch to work with! Those blues are yummy :)
Thanks for the idea with the I am sign. have fun working on your new kitchen :)