Thursday, October 21, 2010

Snapshots of Kansas

If you have ever visited Kansas City,
you would know that it is the city of fountains.
We found the fountain on 63rd Street had turned pink!!!
In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.
Now how cool is that?

And you would also know that Kansas City...
and the 'burbs-
are well know for their barbecue!
My sister is the pro at grilling-

-and she served up a platter of melt in your mouth
pork steak!
Mmmmm...tasted just like Dad's used to taste.

This is where we could find Jake late in the afternoons.
He had tons of homework from some of the advanced classes he is in.
(I can't believe he is a Freshman!)

And I want you to meet the Queen of the house-
Who in the world would have thought to name a dog
after our Grandma?
Exie loved to snuggle up to me every time she saw me on the couch.
Growing up, we always had a chihuahua,
but never a long haired one.

When in Prairie Village, we have to make a stop at Curious Sofa.
I found this little shop while surfing through blogland one day
& was so surprised to find that it was not far away from Carol.

We found the shop decorated to the hilt for Halloween.
This little shop owner has so much fun with the ghosts & ghouls of the season!
I wasn't brave enough to take indoor shots,
but believe me when I tell you there were rats & bats,
bloody fingers, spiders, & all kinds of creepy critters in there!
But more than that, Curious Sofa is a great place for home decorating.
Don't miss it if you are near Prairie Village Shopping Center.

Since all we did was shop & eat while I was there-
Hey! Isn't that what sisters do?
-we decided not to make the trip to Atchison,
but instead, went to Nell Hills at Briarcliff.
We found it loaded with home decor also,
along with the beginnings of their Christmas displays.
I was happy to find out that they were more than willing to ship
my purchases--so I grabbed a basket & loaded up!

Carol thinks she lives in the Midwest
(I think she lives in cowboy country)
  I think I live in the Midwest
(& she thinks I must be close to the east coast!)
We actually live 2 states & 520 some miles apart.
But when I go back to the Kansas City area,
I always feel like I am a bit farther west than the map shows.
We stopped at The Corner Cafe for lunch & I saw more than one cowboy!

Thankfully we split a tenderloin sandwich
& onion rings.
It was delicious!

For one of our last adventures
we went where Garry tells me I'm not allowed to go...
the Nebraska Furniture Mart-
which is not in Nebraska, but in Kansas.
Seems like every time Carol & I go there
I talk her into buying a room full of furniture.
Since we were on a mission to find Jake a new bunk bed
with storage & a computer desk,
I didn't get in trouble this time.
You cannot imagine how much stuff is in this building!
We could have spent a whole day browsing.

I did spot a horrendous bedroom suit
that I know a couple of my grandsons
would have begged for!
How would you like to decorate around that?
Pineapple motif anyone?

And we stopped by to see Mom & Dad.
Carol always sees to it that the grass is trimmed
& the flowers are replaced seasonally.

We traded family tales, shared a few heartaches,
laughed like we were teenagers,
& just enjoyed being together.
Just after I left, she went back to work at the hospital full time
so the visits won't be quite as easy to make.
But I'm sure we will manage to squeeze in some sister time
every now & then.

Love you, sis...& see you soon!


The Farmer's Daughter said...

Hi Sheila, I've enjoyed this post about your visit with your sister. Looks like you had a great time!

I'm fairly familiar with KC as my son used to live there, moved to Texas for several years, and now is back in KC. I'm not sure that I ever saw a cowboy there, tho! Must not have been in the right area. Now if you wanna see cowboys...Texas is your place! :)

Love your fall header.

Have a nice day,

Carol said...

Thanks for this awesome post! We hit most of our favorite high-lights. I DO happen to live in the Midwest! You happen to live in the Mideast!!! (where ever that is...)
I had a BLAST having you in home with my crazy little family. I just wish we lived closer and that it wasn't such a big deal to get together!
Thanks for coming to see us!
Love you bunches!!!

Tracey said...

It all looks and sounds fantastic!! I would love to be able to go to Curious Sofa, I've always thought that store looks so cool!

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog!

:) T