Friday, September 24, 2010

The Great Pumpkin Shortage

 I recently found a recipe for a "Ooey Gooey Pumpkin Cake"
that I thought sounded like a delicious, quick dessert
and wanted to try it for our Sunday dinner.
Imagine my surprise as I walked up & down the aisles at my local grocery,
and found not one can of pumpkin in sight!
Hmmm....I tried to decide if it is considered a fruit or vegetable-
went back & forth between the aisles
& still no pumpkin!
The head checker must have been watching me as she asked if she could help.
She stated that there was no pumpkin anywhere in the store
due to "The Great Pumpkin Shortage" of '09!
Not wanting to believer her, I made a quick dash through our local Walmart,
only to find their shelves "pumpkin-less" also.
Who would have thought one bad crop would wipe us out?
 I vaguely remember reading reports in the newspaper last fall
that the pumpkin crop had bit the dust.
Or was it mud?
Thinking back, I do remember going on a field trip with Carter
& seeing rotting pumpkins in the field,
& we had to hunt & pick to even find a decent pumpkin to take home!
Do you have any canned pumpkin in your grocery stores?
I'm hearing good reports for this years harvest,
have seen quite a few of the orange beauties at some of the Farmer's Markets,
so I think we may be in luck---for next year!
Meanwhile...if we want a pumpkin pie,
we may have to do it the old fashioned way
& bake the pumpkin ourselves.
Nah...I think I can wait a little longer.

Now to go see how the persimmon harvest is.
We can't survive without our persimmon pudding this time of year!


Anonymous said...

Fun time, Sheila!

We have heard our Missouri persimmons have spoons in them. We've heard snow predicted in other ways as well.

We are off on a road trip, meandering the back roads of our beautiful state.

Anonymous said...

Hi Shelia, my name is Mary Hues and I currently live in Arizona. I found your blog via Angie Davis' blog. I so enjoy reading each of your entries. You all live in a beautiful part of the country for sure!

I just wanted to respond to your question, "has anyone seen canned pumpkin on their store shelves?" The answer is YES. The WalMarts out here carry both the small can size & the large can size. At least in our WalMarts here, the canned pumpkin is located in the baking aisle, next to the prepared graham cracker crusts, raisins and the canned comstock apple & cherry pie fillings.
Hope that helps.

May you have a wonderful Fall season!


Sheila said...

Mary-Thanks for making a comment on my blog! There are pumpkins in our markets now so I'm thinking that it will be back in the stores soon. I did find 2 large cans in another store today..but only two. Guess I can try my new recipe now!

Joycee said...

Thanks for giving us heads up on this shortage, I'll be sure to pick cans up as I can find them. What would fall be without pumpkins? Thanks for your comment today on Granny Mountain. There are lots of Pemberton's over in Boone County around Harrison, don't know if they are related to you. My Grandma was such a good keeper of the history of our family, it's fascinating to go though it all. Overwelming too, I get lost in so much of the information. The more I work with it though, the more it soaks in!