Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fall in Indiana

We broke another record today-
for high temperatures!
And on the last day of summer.
It was 93 degrees when I was in town this afternoon-
way too hot for September.

Which makes it hard to get in the Fall decorating spirit.
I dragged myself out to my storage closet last week
& tried to put a few touches of autumn around the house.
I'm finding it more of a chore & not quite so much fun anymore.

Last night was the first evening that I realized it is getting dark much sooner.
I enjoy that time of year-
when I can put away my little 3 pronged edger & hoe
& spend time indoors.
Oh, I know next Spring I will be itching to dig in the dirt again.
But soon the weather will change, chilly nights will come,
& it will be good to no longer here the flower beds calling.
And that is why I love living where there are Four Seasons...
each one being my favorite, when it comes along.

This year has brought changes to our family-
most of them good-
and the ones not so good, I'm learning to accept.
I'm getting used to the idea that Bob isn't getting up
& going to work every morning--
that he may be around the house most of the day
& that is okay.
I am enjoying having my brother live in the same town as we do,
having him as part of our immediate family.
I've been amazed how God's hand print was all over our
son-in-laws job situation,
answering prayers in ways we would have never dreamed.
I am sometimes startled to realize how quickly our
grandchildren are growing up & changing.
And now it is Autumn...
the time of year I when I feel like
our Heavenly Father is putting everything to bed for a while,
to give us a rest.

There are still gardens to tend to, flowers to cut back,
bulbs to plant, windows to wash, housecleaning to do,
and it will get done for the most part.
The rest can wait.
I think I hear the leaves beginning to turn colors!
There is nothing like Fall in Indiana!


Vanessa Froelich said...

Carl said that it hit 96 degrees today. A new record. The highest ever for this date. Summer wanted to go out in style, I guess.

I love Fall and can't wait for the cooler temps.

Vee said...

I am glad that you put out some touches of autumn... With those temps today, you needed something to help you feel a little cooler. Seasons are pretty wonderful and I am so looking forward to autumn. Unlike you, I can say with certainty that it is my favorite season. I wish that I were like you and could see the blessing in each season, but winter...ahhhh, winter...well there's Christmas!