Thursday, September 30, 2010

...and that's all I'll say about that!

It's over.
There are pumpkins in the patch-
a can on the shelves here and there-
and an article in this mornings newspaper
proving that I'm really not nuts!

And now I think I'll go open up
my super sized can of pumpkin
(the only one I could find!)
& bake some pumpkin bars.

Happy Fall, ya'll!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Pumpkin Found!

I found the pumpkin!
And I think it is a conspiracy...

I was on one of my bi-weekly runs to Sam's Club
-which is way to handy for me-
when I spotted canned pumpkin.

But there is a catch.
In order to get the canned pumpkin,
you have to buy either a pumpkin bread
or pumpkin muffin kit.
Inside each box is TWO cans of pumpkin!

I picked it up & almost plopped in down in my cart
but decided to check the price.
I should have written it down...
I can never remember numbers.
It was over $8.00 for the kit!

That's where they have been hiding the pumpkin.
It certainly was tempting
but I put it back on the shelf & walked away.

I may have to bake a pumpkin yet...

Friday, September 24, 2010

The Great Pumpkin Shortage

 I recently found a recipe for a "Ooey Gooey Pumpkin Cake"
that I thought sounded like a delicious, quick dessert
and wanted to try it for our Sunday dinner.
Imagine my surprise as I walked up & down the aisles at my local grocery,
and found not one can of pumpkin in sight!
Hmmm....I tried to decide if it is considered a fruit or vegetable-
went back & forth between the aisles
& still no pumpkin!
The head checker must have been watching me as she asked if she could help.
She stated that there was no pumpkin anywhere in the store
due to "The Great Pumpkin Shortage" of '09!
Not wanting to believer her, I made a quick dash through our local Walmart,
only to find their shelves "pumpkin-less" also.
Who would have thought one bad crop would wipe us out?
 I vaguely remember reading reports in the newspaper last fall
that the pumpkin crop had bit the dust.
Or was it mud?
Thinking back, I do remember going on a field trip with Carter
& seeing rotting pumpkins in the field,
& we had to hunt & pick to even find a decent pumpkin to take home!
Do you have any canned pumpkin in your grocery stores?
I'm hearing good reports for this years harvest,
have seen quite a few of the orange beauties at some of the Farmer's Markets,
so I think we may be in luck---for next year!
Meanwhile...if we want a pumpkin pie,
we may have to do it the old fashioned way
& bake the pumpkin ourselves.
Nah...I think I can wait a little longer.

Now to go see how the persimmon harvest is.
We can't survive without our persimmon pudding this time of year!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Fall in Indiana

We broke another record today-
for high temperatures!
And on the last day of summer.
It was 93 degrees when I was in town this afternoon-
way too hot for September.

Which makes it hard to get in the Fall decorating spirit.
I dragged myself out to my storage closet last week
& tried to put a few touches of autumn around the house.
I'm finding it more of a chore & not quite so much fun anymore.

Last night was the first evening that I realized it is getting dark much sooner.
I enjoy that time of year-
when I can put away my little 3 pronged edger & hoe
& spend time indoors.
Oh, I know next Spring I will be itching to dig in the dirt again.
But soon the weather will change, chilly nights will come,
& it will be good to no longer here the flower beds calling.
And that is why I love living where there are Four Seasons...
each one being my favorite, when it comes along.

This year has brought changes to our family-
most of them good-
and the ones not so good, I'm learning to accept.
I'm getting used to the idea that Bob isn't getting up
& going to work every morning--
that he may be around the house most of the day
& that is okay.
I am enjoying having my brother live in the same town as we do,
having him as part of our immediate family.
I've been amazed how God's hand print was all over our
son-in-laws job situation,
answering prayers in ways we would have never dreamed.
I am sometimes startled to realize how quickly our
grandchildren are growing up & changing.
And now it is Autumn...
the time of year I when I feel like
our Heavenly Father is putting everything to bed for a while,
to give us a rest.

There are still gardens to tend to, flowers to cut back,
bulbs to plant, windows to wash, housecleaning to do,
and it will get done for the most part.
The rest can wait.
I think I hear the leaves beginning to turn colors!
There is nothing like Fall in Indiana!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Back Porch Musings

One of my favorite blogs to follow is "Back Porch Musings".  She has great decorating ideas, beautiful photography, & hails from my home state of Missouri...& sometimes makes me homesick!   For some unknown reason yesterday, all of her blog posts disappeared.  So far she has not been able to restore her blogs posts & has decided to switch hosts.  As friends on Facebook, some of us have volunteered to try to spread the word of where in the world she is!  I have only a handful of followers, but want to help get the word out that she has a new blog address. 

Pat's new address is  Save her as one of your favorites!

Saturday, September 11, 2010


Has it already been 9 years since that horrible September
morning that forever changed or lives?
It seems like such a short time ago.
I don't think I'll ever forget.

As it seemed to be across our Nation that day,
it was a beautiful autumn morning
here in southern Indiana.
I was taking advantage of the blue skies
& had just begun to clean my windows.
I don't think I'll ever forget that phone call from Bob,
telling me to turn my radio on
as the news was reporting that a plane
had crashed into a building in New York City.

I'll never forget the feeling of horror
of realizing that we were being attacked
as I heard of the second plane hitting another Tower.

Sometime in the next few minutes we made our way
to watch what was happening on television
& I don't think I'll ever forget sitting there
with Bob & our two children,
watching the evil rise from the black smoke
billowing from those buildings.

I don't think I'll ever forget how blue & clear the sky was that day.
And as our President ordered all aircraft out of the sky ways,
I'll always remember the absence of the jet trails
in the skies for the next several days
as all flights were grounded.

Later that same week, I attended the
National Quartet Convention
& I don't think I'll ever forget the feeling of patriotism & unity
as we stood to our feet, honoring those that had fallen,
those that had sacrificed,
& those that in just a few short hours had become our Heroes.

I don't think I'll ever forget how polite & friendly
we became to each other.
It became easy to talk to strangers,
to expose our aching hearts to those
who just a few short days ago
we wouldn't have even acknowledged.

I will always remember the magazine that came in the mail,
dust coated, & the pages filled with a gray silt that spilled
onto my lap as I thumbed through it.
I knew that it carried the ashes that had floated
through New York City.
I quickly put it in a ziplock bag & it still sits
on a shelf in my closet,
along with stacks of news magazines
& newspapers,
sad souvenirs of that terrible time.

I will never forget how I became obsessed
with working on a scrapbook
of those horrible days.
Hours & hours of my days were spent
scanning the Internet for stories,
cutting photos from magazines,
& gluing them to black pages
to someday show to my grandchildren,
that at that time hadn't even been born.

I don't think I'll ever forget hearing one of the survivors
tell her story of her trip down those steps of one of the towers.
Even after a couple of years had passed, it was still hard for her
to tell of her trip down, & her journey to recovery.

And when the blue skies of September come each year,
and the sun shines through my dirty windows,
reminding me it is time to once again
do my fall housecleaning,
I remember that morning when our world changed forever.
I'll always remember.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Paper Dolls

When I was a young girl, one of my very favorite things was paper dolls!
I think I loved cutting them out more than I did with playing with them.
But I did play with them...pretended they were pretty girls going to a party,
to school, to a wedding...whatever the occasion, I probably had a paper doll for it.
Many of our Friday nights were spent in Columbia and Mom would usually ask Dad to take her shopping before going to get groceries. Broadway held a multitude of shops but we were usually drawn to the "Dime Store". Mattingly's & Newberry's were not too far apart & we would head there first. Mom often went to the fabric department while I headed to the display of paper dolls. More often than not, Mom would let me buy a new booklet of them & I would be thrilled.

I remember spending many winter evenings with my box of paper dolls.
My very favorite ones were a booklet of a wedding party, pretty dresses for the bridesmaids, a beautiful gown for the bride, tuxedos for the groom & his men, & even a flower girl.
I also loved the set of The Lennon Sisters,
just like the one pictured at the top of the page.
And somehow I ended up with Janet Leigh, a pretty movie star at the time.

Over the years I have noticed that paper dolls have become a thing of the past.
About the only ones I have found, have been special ones, such as a set of First Ladies,
or Presidential families. Nothing like having a paper doll of the president in his undies!

Recently I ran across a set of Fancy Nancy paper dolls & bought them for Paige.
I laid it aside & she just noticed it last Sunday & brought it to me.
I cut out a few dresses for her but she didn't quite understand what to do with them.
I showed her how to dress Nancy & her friend, Bree.

For a little while, she was interested, then lost patience as she waited for me to finish snipping out a new outfit.

So tonight I decided to cut out more pieces & hopefully Paige will want to play with them. And as I sat here with my scissors in hand, my mind went back through all of those memories of myself as a little girl, cutting & snipping, carefully playing with my little paper dolls, & tucking them away in a shoebox.

The summer that I was 17 & our family was preparing to move away from our little town,
I found my paper dolls in the back of my closet. My collection had outgrown the shoe box over the years & were now stored in a large suit box. It was full of carefully cut paper dolls.

But we were moving & some things had to be left behind.
I remember thinking that I was being silly to even care about those little pieces of cardboard & paper as we threw them in the pile to be hauled away to the dump.

And after all of these years, I wish I would have kept them.
Then maybe I could have gotten them out & shown them to my little granddaughter
& we could have played paper dolls together!
I do hope she learns to love hers too.