Monday, August 9, 2010

Summer Meltdown

Do you ever just feel like sitting on your front porch & watching the world go by?
I've felt that way recently...
very un-motivated
letting the days pass & realizing that I haven't accomplished much.
I'm blaming it on the heat!
At least no one should argue with that
since this sizzling summer has brought us record breaking high humidity & temperatures.
Yet I'm not quite ready to give it up for the season.
But I can feel the change in the air.
I can hear it in the sounds of the locust as they make their late summer noises
the sound of hundreds of tree frogs singing in the early evening.
Hey-it can get pretty noisy out here in the boonies!
After almost 43 years of having a working husband,
I'm having to adjust to having him home more often,
trying to get used to the idea of our life style changes.
For most of those years he has walked out the door before 8 a.m.
& worked hard all day.
Now some days neither of us leave the property except to walk to the mailbox.
What was once routine is almost gone...
& you might even catch us sleeping in a little late in the mornings!
The grandchildren are growing up and I don't have them around quite as much as we used to.
And that is probably a good thing for both them & Grandma...yet I miss them.
I am loving watching each one develop their own personality & looking on when they are all gathered here, having so much fun playing together.
(Even if the little stinkers did kill a snake way out back in my yard yesterday afternoon!)
I'm treasuring those days of them running in & out the kitchen door, tracking in dirt, smelling of outdoors, laughing & loving each spite of the work I have to do after they leave & the house becomes just a bit too quiet once again.

And I'm worried...worried about a job situation for someone in our family

hoping & praying that it is resolved soon.

I'm concerned about health issues of another loved one-
wanting things to be resolved & back to normal.

And am praying for another family member going through a very troublesome time.

A dear one recently told me that she had a "meltdown"...
and I wanted to tell her that it will all be okay.

But a child said it.
Paige said "Daddy, don't worry...
don't worry about the thunder"

You see, we sing a little chorus at our church & we didn't realize that she was listening to the words & taking it to heart. We sing---

God said you're going to make it...
Don't worry about the thunder
You're not going under
God said your're going to make it
You're going to make it for the Master's on board.

And in her own way she was saying that it will all be okay...God's going to take care of it!

So there you have it--
my summer meltdown!
Thankfully, I think I can feel the cool breezes coming our way.
P.S. Did you notice that I sneaked in pics of my "new" front door?
It is 31 years old, original with our house
& I finally talked Bob into painting it black!
I love it.
And I love my front porch
& am looking forward to sitting out there once God decides to turn the thermostat down a few more notches! And gets rid of those pesky mosquitoes!


Karen Walden said...

Paige had no idea how bad her Daddy needed to hear that the other day. I wish I didn't worry so much about the situation and could have as much faith as Paige. Loved your post!!

Carol said...

What an awesome post, Sis! There are a few things to worry about, but thankfully, we aren't the ones in control! : )
LOVE your new door!
Can't WAIT to see you!!!

The Farmer's Daughter said...

What a beautiful front porch you have, Sheila! I don't blame you for wanting to sit out there! We have had such a long hot spell here in MO that we've hardly got to sit outside. I've missed that.

I don't think I've signed up to be a follower, so I'll be sure to do that next. I'm still learning my way around here in blogland. I still want to do more with my blog when I have time. Yours is looking great! Wonderful post!

Have a good weekend,

The Farmer's Daughter said...

BTW, just tried to sign on as follower and I couldn't. Just wanted to let you know I tried!


Sherry said...

I always love your posts! I love your dream yard. Sometimes when I find myself hating apartment life I take a look back to last year and appreciate it. I still daydream that someday I will have a house and a yard again! I do enjoy your blog!