Friday, August 13, 2010

St. Louis Sizzle!

Well, we did it again...
picked the hottest days of the summer
for a get away!
My nephew, Jacob, had flown to Indiana for a weeks visit,
& I was meeting up with his Mom for his return trip home,
& for an overnight visit together.
And no.....I didn't drive downtown St. Louis.
We did the suburbs!
After meeting up at the hotel,
my sister, nephew & I headed to old St. Charles for lunch.
Jacob & I were still on Indiana time & we were starved!
This was my second trip to St. Charles--
the other being about a year ago
also in August.
So my first impressions & memories of the old historic town
on the banks of the Missouri River
is, it's Hot-Hot-Hot!
Jake was hungry enough to eat a bear
& didn't even complain when we dragged him into
the Mother-in-Law House.
He didn't even flinch when we sat him down in the antique chairs,
surrounded in Victorian style decor.
There was a small crowd.
If you look in the right hand corner of the above photograph,
you will see a group of "Red Hatters".
They were the sweetest looking little ladies...
true 'Red Hat Society" ladies,
well deserving of their red hats & purple dresses!
My baby sis....Carol Jean
or as we affectionately call her sometimes...
(I may be sorry for this---)
Lunch for the two of us was a prime rib sandwich
& salad with their house celery seed dressing.
After getting home & looking at the website
I realized I could have bought a bottle of the delicious dressing
to bring home!
Dessert was their specialty...
coconut cream pie for me
& peach pie for Jake & Carol.
. . .
I should have taken food pictures!
Jake had a sirloin sizzling sandwich,
salad & fries
& I think we might have gotten
one leg filled up!
That growing teenager has quite the appetite!
While Jake sat in the shade, reading his summer book requirement,
Carol & I visited a few shops
until the heat got to me
& we decided the coolness of a Mall sounded better.
So we left St. Charles historic area
for the hustle & bustle of St. Louis Mills Mall
where we walked & walked & walked.
At least it was cool for the most part.

We rested & visited in the hotel for a couple of hours,
then decided Jake might be hungry again
& had dinner at Chili's near Mid Rivers Mall.
There I had fried shrimp
while Jake & Carol shared a huge platter of fajitas
& Jake ate until he actually said he was full!

Carol & I stayed up until almost midnight
chatting away
getting caught up on all of the news,
even though we talk often via telephone.
If we were younger, especially me,
we might have made a night of visiting,
but I tired out & off to bed we went.

It was good to be with family again.
Since our parents are gone & we both have grown up families
it isn't quite as easy to get together
The 15 1/2 years difference in our ages
doesn't matter anymore.
We are truly sisters.

And no doubt, we are going to do this again!
Next time we may bring our girls along
& make it a "no boys" weekend!
Jake will be happy about that.

We saw temperatures in the 100 degree range for most of the day.
When we turned into Mid Rivers Mall,
their sign was posting 106 degrees.
As we left a little before 9 p.m.,
it was still 101!
St. Louis does sizzle!

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Carol said...

I'm SO glad we got to meet for a "quickie" in St. Louis! Thanks for entertaining and taking care of my boy. It was SOOOO good to see you, Sis!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!