Sunday, July 4, 2010

Our Purple Barney

See this sweet little blue eyed face?
Don't let him fool you!
If he wanders off by himself
& all gets quiet...
you just might want to go check things out!
Our family had gathered here for a 4th of July cookout this afternoon.
After eating, the grandkids were indoors & outdoors,
upstairs & downstairs,
running around having a great time
while we adults lounged around the table & visited.
Suddenly, Brycen walks in to my freshly decorated dining room,
arms in the air & announces
"I'm purple!"

You have never seen Jeff move so fast in his life!
The rest of us sat there, stunned,
wondering what kind of a mess this little guy had gotten in to.
Karen looked at me & I said "stamps"!...
I've been scrapbooking & using stamps
& Brycen had discovered my beautiful pad of "Wisteria" ink.
Purple indeed!

His daddy quickly ran him upstairs, stripped him down, & threw him in my tub.
Thank goodness the ink came off easily with soap & water!
After seeing what a purple mess he was,
I had envisioned Brycen coming down the steps
rubbing his hands along the way.
But fortunately he had been a good boy & evidently held his hands in the air.
Only a small area of carpet showed evidence of his exploration
& a few squirts of "Krud Kutter" took care of that.
Now if we can just remember to find out why Brycen is so quiet the next time we get together!
Good wonder Jeff has to touch up paint around his house.
And I thought we were finished with that silly purple dinosaur...


Jenny said...

HA! Him and Arilynn would have a grand time! I've only discovered her 3 times in the stamp pads. (I'm going to have to put them under lock and key...I move them and she finds them).

Angie Davis said...

That boy is hilarious! He is never allowed to conspire with Kent...

Sheila said...

I had forgotten about Arilynn & the stamp pads! :) I thought I had all of mine out of reach but don't you know who found this one!

Angie...I'm afraid we would be in double trouble if these two met! By the way...I tried to leave you a comment but my computer is acting up. I think I clicked on something on facebook that I shouldn't have! Grrrrr....

Peggy B. said...

This made me think of Arilynn. They would make quite a pair. :) Too funny.

The Farmer's Daughter said...

Oh, what a funny story. Too cute! I bet you were a little worried over what else might turn up purple. Love your posts! Take care. ~Cheryl