Thursday, July 29, 2010

Blog Surfin'...

Since I discovered Blogger-land in recent years,
I have opened up a whole new world of women with the same interests as mine.
If it has anything to do with flower gardening, decorating, genealogy, or scrapbooking,
your blog will catch my attention.

But I also love to read the day to day experiences & happenings in your lives.
I love the little personal stories...the funny stuff, the experiences that help us grow spiritually,
& the sometimes heart wrenching happenings.

So, in the evenings, when my days work is done, I spend a little time in looking at my favorite blogs. I have learned to use the RSS feed and that way I don't have to check each site everyday, but am notified when there is a new posting. And if I really don't have anything to do, I find my favorite blogs & go from there...looking at some of there favorites.

That lead me on a trip last Saturday!

At some point, I stumbled on to a blog way out in Washington State (
& it has become one of my favorites.
From there, I randomly glanced through
& "Indiana" jumped out at me.
Checking it out, I found that this lady had been there recently on a photo shoot.
It just so happened that I had a Saturday to myself & had planned on a shopping trip on the north side of Indianapolis. I wasn't quite sure just where Tipton was, but quickly went to Mapquest & found it was also north. I was in luck!
I did my shopping early & punched in my destination on my GPS & off I went. was a little farther than I had hoped...but it was my day!

Horton's is on the town square in Tipton, Indiana...
and is actually a Hardware store!
It is set up in the front section & are a shabby chic lovers dream!
It was amazing that someone had set up such a shop in the front of a hardware store.

I also learned that I had missed the second annual

French Flea Market

held in mid-July.

Believe will be on my calendar for next year!

Did any of you attend???

You can check it out at

The shop is actually called "The Secret Garden".

Besides hardware, there is a small area with treats such as homemade fudge,

and also a garden center.

Donna is the power behind all of this & she has her own blog, describing her own home re-do.

"Everyday Elegance" at

For some of you girls that live on the north end of Indy, this would be a nice little drive for you. And I also realized that it isn't too many miles away from Frankfort.

After posting this I received a note from Donna explaining that this is all the owners merchandise...not booths set up by vendors. Sorry about that! I misunderstood you have any special blogs you like to visit?

Do you have any special little shops or tea rooms that you enjoy?

If so, we would love to hear about them!

And just a note...

My computer had to be rebuilt so I have been sort of off line for a few days.

I did borrow my brother's laptop but didn't want to "infect" it, so did very little clicking!

Now I'm having to re-install most of my programs and what a pain it is!

I still need to upload a photo shop program & am trying to decide what would be best.

Anyone have a favorite?

Friday, July 16, 2010

Chihuly at Cheekwood

When in Nashville, we always enjoying getting together with my nieces.

On Saturday afternoon I was able to spend a little time with Lorinda & Susan

In the past year, Lorinda has moved to Virginia, but just so happened to be visiting with her husband's family the same weekend that I was there. We made a point of getting together. I was especially excited about it as I had never met Katie, my great-niece! And since my nieces are fun loving girls, we spent a hot afternoon at Cheekwood Estate, touring the Botanical Gardens. It just so happened that the Chihuly Exhibit was in full swing & it was on my list of things I wanted to do while in Tennessee.
Lorinda & Little Katie

We got there just as the dining room was closing, so instead, enjoyed a light lunch on the patio. Katie was ready to eat & chowed down on her Mommy's fruit salad.

I'm sure little Katie was miserably hot, but she was a very good baby & endured the afternoon with the big people!

And thank you Susan, for being a member & having a family pass!

Inside the Visitor Services Center
from the Italian word for "spotted"

The sculptures are large.
I should have had the girls stand in front of them for perspective.
Notice the huge fern!

And then it was back outdoors to do the walking tour through the gardens

Sisters Lorinda & Susan with Little Katie

Saffron Tower
Over 27 feet tall & weighs over 4,600 pounds!

The orange color was striking!
And I noticed this purple plant all over Nashville...
but I don't remember the name of it.
Cattails & hibiscus

more cattails
near the Arbor
Hibiscus & marigolds

The Arbor walkway

Another lady thought these were hibiscus also

Crepe Myrtle
in full bloom all over the South!

filled with glass
reflecting in one of the small ponds
"Walla Wallas"
resemble sweet onions!

Lower reflecting pond

middle reflecting pond full of Walla Wallas

"Bamboo Reeds"
some as tall as 10 feet

more Bamboo Reeds in with the real bamboo

"The Moon"

showing the blue disks on The Moon

pretty glass spheres in The Japanese Garden

More glass spheres

In a couple of hours, we made it about half way through the gardens.
The temperatures were well into the upper 90's & the humidity made it feel like it was well over 100 degrees. We decided that Little Katie & Grandma Sheila had seen enough for one day.
We had made it about half way.
And we didn't even get a glimpse of the Mansion.

I'm pretty sure this calls for another short trip--
next time with Bob & a couple of friends in tow!
And we are going to wait for a little cooler weather.

If you happen to be in the Nashville area, be sure Cheekwood is on your "to do"list! And on Thursday & Friday's there is "Chihuly Nights" which is probably amazing!

In our Visitor's Center window, hangs a beautiful yellow Chihuly chandelier.
Do you have any of his art work where you live?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Tennessee Heat!

When the temperatures rise & the calendar flips to July
that usually means it's time to head to a car convention.
For over 20 years we have rarely missed the summer get together
with friends from across the nation
that love old Chevy's as much as my husband does.
Last summer, Ecklers Chevy Classics announced that they were no longer going to sponsor yearly conventions, but would being doing them every other year.
You could hear the moans & groans growling from the car guys who thought they couldn't survive without such an event happening. So they talked together & one fellow decided he would take it upon himself to do a local show. Without boring you with the details, plans were made, hotel rooms were reserved, State Representatives threw all their support & help Bruce's way, Ecklers declared they supported the effort & would help all they could...& it happened!
Bruce would be pleased to tell you that it was a rip roaring success!
And so, on a steamy hot summer day, Bob loaded 2 of his cars in his long, long trailer, hooked up to the Kodiak truck & off we went. (Since we were less that 4 hours away, I followed him this time in his I could have wheels of my own when in Tennessee!)
And hot it was!
The real temperature when we arrived was hovering between 96 & 98 degrees.
We left the pickup simmering in the heat & a few minutes later while running for a bite to eat,
Bob grabbed the camera as the thermometer in his rear view mirror went shooting up!
I actually had a shot of 128 degrees but somehow deleted it!
Makes you just want to hang around the wonderfully air conditioned hotel.
Our temporary home in Nashville.
The convention was a huge success with more people than usual--or at least it seemed so.
There were over 400 who attended the welcome barbecue on Thursday night,
with more people coming in the next couple of days.
Of course everything in the hotel had a country music motif.
I forgot to snap a picture of Loretta Lynn that hung over our bed!

Cars were everywhere.
Much to their dismay, there were other hotel guests
but the Chevy Heads sort of took over the parking lot.
The city even allowed them to block off a side street for parking of at least 75 car trailers.
Nashville & Millennium Maxwell House were very accommodating.

I'm sure the heat waves were rising from this lot.

Bob's Chevelle

Being sort of familiar with the area, I decided to venture out. On Friday I took a friend & we headed south to the beautiful little historic town of Franklin. One of the great battles of the Civil War was fought here, & during some of my genealogy research, I found that some very distant Pemberton blood was shed on these hillsides.


filled with quaint shops, friendly store clerks, & beautiful homes-
some mansion size, but mostly small cottages, many of them restored to their former glory.
But the heat was stifling & I knew I would never make it on the walking tour of the historic homes, so we took the early afternoon to wander through the shops.
Here are a few street scenes...

Plants were lush & flowers were beautiful.
I did notice that they grew a little different variety than we do, no doubt because of the heat.
Crepe myrtle was in full blossom but I missed taking pictures of it.

On Saturday morning, I went back to go through a few more shops
before meeting my nieces for lunch.
The streets were packed with tourists & the shops seemed to be doing a brisk business.
I was pleasantly pleased to see that people were out vacationing & spending their money!
There didn't seem to be much of a recession in Franklin!

I am so glad that my niece, Susan, introduced me to this little town quite a few years ago.
If I could load up all of my family, I think I could move here & be content.
Of course someone would have to turn the thermostat down a notch or two!
And now you know what I do while Bob sweats it out in the parking lot at the hotel!
We are both having a touch of our own little heaven.
He doesn't mind a bit, just as long as we both meet up & enjoy an evening meal together.
Stay tuned...for my afternoon trip to Cheekwood Botanical Gardens...