Thursday, June 3, 2010

Living Room Re-do

You may remember a post about my living room a few months ago.
It was in desperate need of a make-over & it is finally basically done.
I may still do a little spiffing & re-arranging...but it's almost like I envisioned it.
Some of the pieces I thought would be garage sale items, ended up working out.
Some things I thought would be part of the living room forever, ended up out the door.
The couch went on to a family member,
the blue chair ended up in a bedroom
the floral arrangement became garage sale junk
but I kept the Longaberger woven vase...
& I caught a couple of grandsons using the plastic protector as a ball catcher!
The coffee table is being passed on
& the dust encrusted wreath went out to the trash can.
And then the paint went on!
My favorite paint salesman helped me choose a color-
Benjamin Moore "Aberdeen Green"-
the lightest shade on the chart we chose.
After the first wall was done, I knew I had made the right choice.
It was the color I was looking for!
It is hard to capture the exact color on the camera lens
but it looks very pretty with my dark woodwork...
both complement each other.
The two wooden boxes are hiding 2 stuffed file boxes, full of sheet music.
The plastic carpet protector under the piano bench is there to stay--until I can talk Bob into picking up the piano a few inches so I can yank it out! (I thought about taking my Exacto knife to it...but then thought again...Wonder if a rug would hide it?)
This curio cabinet was supposed to leave the premises...
but it fit perfectly in an opposite corner
and minus all of the Holy Land olive wood collectibles,
knick-knack souvenirs, & vases from the Middle East,
it changed into something that I wanted to keep.
It now holds more sentimental pieces that I want to display,
along with a few Gene Stratton Porter books.
Cream colored silk draperies & new wrought iron rods
replace the very outdated lace curtains & valances.
You should see the sun shine in!
I'm in search of a table to replace this one,
something a bit taller, & maybe wrought iron.

This large bowl came from Hebron, Israel on a trip we made in 1983.
It was never one of my favorites & I was ready to get rid of it
but the colors seem to pop now & I decided to hang on to least until I run on to something else I have forgotten about.
I found this print in the shop where Kylie works & knew it had the colors in it that I wanted.
It is a heavy piece, but was reasonably priced
& Kylie surprised me with her discount!
Half of my grandkids on display...
with a matching frame waiting for the other 3!

After weeks of waiting, my chairs finally arrived.
Did I tell you that they originally came a few weeks ago--
in the wrong fabric?
I was so disappointed as it was going to take another 6 to 8 weeks to get them.
They actually came in about 3 weeks earlier than expected & I'm so glad I waited for them.
I'm very happy with them, especially since I chose this fabric from about a 8 x 10 inch swatch!

These chairs are about the color of the dining room top wall.
And the walls in the living room are about the color of the sideboard in the dining room,
so both rooms work together.

This inexpensive little table came from "Country Door" catalog.
It holds more music books than you can imagine.
(I couldn't talk Bob into putting any of his things in the garage sale!)
The table isn't as blue as it appears to be in this picture.
And this is what started the living room re-do.
This china cabinet/book case/catch all has always been in an upstairs bedroom.
I've always loved this piece & with the suggestion of my friend Mary Ann,
decided it was time to move it downstairs.
It still holds basically the same things it did upstairs, minus a few books.

The two vases came from Egypt, the largest from a trip made in 1979.
They missed being packed away with the rest of our Holy Land "stuff"
& I realized how pretty they looked, bringing out the color of my new chairs.
Isn't it funny how you think some things won't work, or a piece goes unnoticed
until you move it or change something around?
The vases are made of alabaster & Bob actually brought the small one to me from his first trip in 1977.

This is supposed to be my hideaway, a place where I can go read a book, look at my gardening magazines, or take a quick nap. I envisioned Karen & me sneaking in here on Sunday afternoons, getting away from the rest of the gang & having some time to ourselves.
I should have known better!

The very first Sunday found the whole gaggle of geese gathering in around the piano for practice of songs to be sung at church, & somehow my son-in-law thought I had bought the chairs for him!
It didn't do me a bit of good to try to run him out...he just stretched out & started snoring!
Next week I'll have to beat him to it!

It's been done about a week now & I haven't found time to sit in there yet.
But I have a new book & a few magazines ready,
just in case I can find a few spare minutes.

So for now I'm putting the rest of the re-decorating on hold.
My flower gardens are calling out to be weeded, mulched & fed.
But it won't be long until you might hear the steaming of flocked wallpaper...
wallpaper that was put on 31 years ago, without sizing, but it has to come down!
Don't you think that would be a good job for a hubby that is getting ready to draw his social security? He definitely is going to have to do the 2 story entryway--or hire some help!

Stay tuned...


Karen Walden said...

Looks great! Love the colors in there! I still think you need to figure something out about that plastic rug under the piano. If nothing else, get another "clear" one as that one looks yellow in the pictures! And yes...we will definitely have to beat my snoring husband in the living room this Sunday! I have a feeling we'll be pooped out from the garage sale!

Peggy B. said...

Looks nice. Have fun with the garage sale.

Carol said...

Wow! It looks like a completely different room, Sis! I LOVE the new look!!!

The Farmer's Daughter said...

Your living room looks wonderful! Love the new chairs! Have a great weekend. ~Cheryl

Jenny said...

Doesn't it make you feel so good???

New Every Morning said...

Ahhh... change is so refreshing!
Enjoy your new room!