Monday, June 21, 2010

The Farmer's Market

I almost talked myself out of going
as it was a typical sticky, hot, humid Indiana Saturday morning
& it would have been nice to just stay home.
But I had been waiting all week to go to the local farmer's market
to check out the vendor's wares.
I hope to make it a weekly summer tradition.
Our town had never had a very successful farmer's market
until a young lady decided to make this her Senior project a few years ago.
The first 2 or 3 years, the market was held on Thursday afternoons,
on a city street that was blocked off for the vendors.
Then construction in the area forced a change
& the market is now held on Saturday mornings
in a downtown parking lot
& is quite the success.
The one stipulation is that there not be any flea market type sales
& that all plants, produce & handmade goods,
be Hoosier products.
We all know that the Lemon Shake-Up is an Indiana tradition
on a hot summer day! The line was long.

The crowd was good, a steady stream of people coming
with intentions of taking something home,
whether it was a beautiful wildflower bouquet,
a basket of tomatoes, corn on the cob, a box of berries,
a one of a kind handmade piece of jewelry,
or maybe a loaf of freshly baked Amish bread.

The tomatoes turned out to be delicious!

Each week there is live entertainment
& this Saturday brought a group of guitar pickers & banjo players
that made left-footed me want to do a little toe tapping!

It was good to see that people came to buy.
The produce tents were especially busy.
Who wouldn't want a dozen ears of Hoosier grown corn?

Sweet corn for Sunday dinner.

Beautiful hydrangea bouquets...

Pots of marigolds & black-eyed susans...

Reason to get up early on Saturday mornings
now thru' the end of August...
until 12:30 each Saturday.

I know it must be hard work to load up your truck or van each week
& head downtown to sit in the heat or very possibly a thunder storm.
Let's get out & support our local producers.
Besides...Hoosier grown guarantees goodness!

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The Farmer's Daughter said...

Hi Sheila! Loved your photos...I must make the trip to Columbia's Farmer's Market sometime. I think it must be similar to the one you just attended. Can you believe I've never been there? I'll have to remedy that. We have a few vendors in our town, but nothing like that. Looks very interesting!

Love your other photos, too. Your flower beds are just beautiful. I know you must really enjoy them.

Take care,