Monday, June 14, 2010

The Big Sixty Two!

This weekend we celebrated Bob's 62nd birthday!
It is hard to believe that we are getting that old...
but then we take a peek in the mirror
& realize that our golden years have arrived.
(I prefer to refer to them as the "rusty" years!)
Notice that he is posing by his favorite car...
his 1962 Chevy!
I had festival attending plans on Saturday
so called up Karen & asked her to pick up a cake for me.
She did better than that...
she baked one!
Thanks so much for the delicious German Chocolate cake, Karen!
(I may have to try that trick again.)
Our day turned out so busy, we didn't even get to go out for our traditional Texas Roadhouse dinner. We ended up at Culver's & devoured our burgers & fries before it was time for the gang to show up.

Bob had plenty of help blowing out his candles.

Posing with his passel of grandchildren...
Carter, Peyton, Brycen, Paige, & Parker
Can't you just see the mischief spilling out of those boys eyes?
We caught those little stinkers having the time of their life
riding their bikes threw a huge water puddle on our driveway.
They got soaked!
And now our new life begins.
Bob has already filed for his monthly checks & considers himself "retired".
I consider him on temporary leave!
But with the economy like it is, we have decided that it isn't wise to continue
building "speculative" homes at this time.
Maybe later...
For now Bob is having a ball.
He loves sleeping in a little later,
seems to enjoy taking over the lawn mowing duties,
gets lots of eBay time in each day,
was able to go to a 409 Chevy drag shoot out,
attended the Chevelle Show in Tennessee,
has plans to go to two other car show events,
& just likes doing what he wants to do.
I'm trying to get used to having him around the house 24/7...
and that might be a story for another day.

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Karen Walden said...

What a crew of how, sweaty grandkids!! :)

Happy Birthday Dad!