Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Senior Moments!

Tomorrow we are out of here!
We will be spending a few days away from home.
It's been 3 years since I've been to Kansas
 & I can hardly wait to get there!

And this little girl that stole my heart some 18 years ago is the reason for your trip.Somehow, without me realizing that she had hardly grown up, our little Kylie blossomed into a beautiful young lady & is graduating from high school in just a few short days.

The next few days we will be visiting with family & friends,
& celebrating Kylie's accomplishment.

Congratulations, Kylie!
And I absolutely love her Senior you can see.
I'll have access to a computer while I'm going but I'm sure I'll be way to busy visiting to do anything other than take a peak to see if there are any new blog posts. So for now...I'm on vacation!

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Karen Walden said...

Congratulations Kylie Ann! We are so proud of you too! Wish we were there to celebrate with you! Have a great weekend!