Saturday, May 1, 2010

More Paige-isms

She got us again!

Once again, we were on our way to Sunday evening church service & Paige chose to ride with us as usual. She was the only one this time & she took advantage of having our full attention & jabbered away. In case you hadn't noticed...she loves to talk!

Anyway, it was a beautiful spring evening with some billowy clouds in the sky and Paige was watching out her window.

I heard her talking about the sky & she suddenly said, quiet emphatically..."I don't want to go to Heaven..." (Grandma about had a coronary on the spot!)

"...cause I don't know what Jesus looks like" ( Grandma is shocked!)

with a pause she continued "....I don't even know what God looks like..." (Oh dear...Grandma is thinking we are in big trouble!)

"...but I know what Elvis looks like cause we have a movie of him at home!" (Grandma about rolls out the door in laughter!)

And with that she was off & talking about something else.

Kids! I cannot even begin to fathom what is racing through their little minds, especially after an afternoon of getting in Grandma's candy dish. (I'm blaming it on too many Kit Kats...Kitty Kats to Paige!)


Jonathan Walden said...

I guess I am going to have to take that girl to Graceland!

Karen Walden said...

Hilarious!!! She gave me a heart attack yesterday evening! We were in the bathroom combing hair and she said...."Mom, I thought we were going to go to Heaven today!" After choking right there, I told her that it wasn't on the agenda for today!!! lol....

Angie Davis said...

Someday, you'll have to ask Gene to tell you his story about preaching at a funeral where one of the mourners leaned over and told the deceased to say "hi" to Elvis for him...

Sheila said...

Oh dear, Angie! ... I cannot believe that my grandchildren even know who Elvis is! : ) Yep...her father's daughter.

The Farmer's Daughter said...

I loved your "Paige-ism" cute! You never know what they are thinking about.

Sorry to read about your aunt's passing. I, too, know what it is like to have most of the family gone. I do have an aunt still living, but my parents and siblings are gone and it is indeed a strange feeling. I'm so thankful to have my wonderful husband and children.

Have a good day!