Sunday, May 23, 2010

Girl's Day Out!

After a busy few days of preparing for Kylie's graduation open house
we finally found a day without a hectic schedule
and off we went!

Some how out in blogger land, I stumbled across Nell Hills blog which features
the shop in Atchison, Kansas.

We had lived in the Kansas City area for several years quite some time ago,
and I never realized that Atchison was just a hop, skip & a jump away. My sister still lives there & had been to Atchison, along with the scenic little town of Weston, Missouri. Luckily,we just happened to glance at Nell Hills website before leaving & learned that there was bridge work & we would have to take a detour.

That hop, skip & a jump took us on County Roads that ribboned up & down the pretty countryside, just north of Kansas City, not too far from the Missouri River.

Carol saw a 55 mph speed limit posted & those County Roads
turned into some tummy ticklers!

We crossed the Missouri River into Atchison, Kansas & thanks to
"Karen" (Carol's GPS lady talker) we almost drove right to it.
I accused Carol of naming her GPS after my daughter--who likes to talk : )
but she claims her lady already had a name! Yeah...right!
Nell Hills is located on a historic covered street
& I was happy to find room after room
of very reasonably priced decorating accessories.
I was in home interior heaven!

Kelcie & Kylie
ready to shop

Carol likes to refer to us as little sister & big sister...
hmmmm--maybe it would sound better to be
younger sister & not quite so young sister!

( Bob's just lucky I didn't try to haul those gorgeous urns home with me! I think they would have fit just fine through our sun roof. )

"If I were a rich man
toodle doodle doodle doo..."

The girls loved this room

Upstairs...table scapes!

I don't think this would fit in my 8 foot ceiling dining room
but I love it!
We saw this same aviary in several different shops.
I may have to buy a bird!
I did buy a basket like this & hope to end up with an arrangement similar to this.

We loaded up the car with our purchases & walked a couple of blocks
to Marigolds for lunch.
It was a drizzly, chilly day & tomato basil soup & grilled cheese sticks hit the spot!
It was a delightful girls day out.
And Kylie was such a good sport about sharing her graduation day with me.
It was getting late & we thought we would take a different route home
only to find out we drove straight into the dead end of the detour.
After a quick u-turn, we found those ripply roads & headed home.
Next time we'll have to try the Nell Hills at Briarcliff...closer to Carol's house,
but this was definitely worth the adventure!
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Angie Davis said...

That place looks magnificent! Carol needs to come for another visit--shopping with her is a bunch of fun!

Anonymous said...

I love Nell Hill's! I couldn't believe how reasonable their stuff was. Glad you got to go.


Karen Walden said...

What do you mean she named her GPS after me?!?!?! :o) "I don't have a big mouth, do I....?"

Looks like a trip you would absolutely have loved! Me...maybe not as much! Looks like it was a fun day though!