Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Our Little Miss Sniff

She gets it honest. Her great-grandmother had a nose that could sniff out a peculiar odor a mile away! And Paige seems to have inherited it.

Bob used to say that his Mom could smell a cigarette inside the house even if someone was smoking in the next yard. And she could tell if you had eaten garlic in the last 24 hours...or maybe even an onion. Her sense of smell was very keen & she was sensitive to offensive odors.

Paige seems to be the same way. If there is a strange smell even close to her, she pops up & says "What's dat smell???". Just like her great-grandma....and maybe a bit like her Grandpa Bob.

Well, I told you that in order to tell you a little story that just happened recently.

If you are familiar with our beautiful little city, you are probably aware that our sewage treatment plant is right downtown & empties into the White River. About 5:30 in the evening is not a pleasant time to cross the bridge into Columbus!

A Sunday or two ago, the twins were riding to church with us for the evening service. Paige & Peyton were carrying on their own little conversation behind us & Bob & I were chatting away. As we crossed the red bridge, I heard Paige repeated say "what's that smell"...& we ignored her as we kept on talking. She kept it up saying something stinks! And then we heard her very plainly say to Peyton, "Well, it MUST be Grandma & Grandpa"! We looked at each other & burst out laughing. I guess she assumed since we were ignoring her, it must be us. How embarassing!

You never know when she is going to sniff out something and loudly ask out loud "WHAT'S THAT SMELL?" never know when the next embarassing moment might be!


Angie Davis said...

Gene and I had a good laugh over that! Connor used to be terrible over announcing people's body odor when we were out in public--we spent a lot of time shushing him around stinky bodies. :o)

Carol said...

That's absolutely hysterical!!! Garry and my kids would say she's a little like her great-auntie too!

Peggy B. said...


Karen Walden said...

Last night on the way home from IHC, we smelled green onions and didn't say anything. Peyton started "sniffing" in the back of the car and was trying to figure out that smell. Then he figured out he smelled fire when something was burning later. They do have Grandma Bonnie's nose! :)

Dorcas said...

That is hilarious!! She is a cutie and really growing!!