Tuesday, March 23, 2010

These Boots Are Made For My Garden...

I'm sure you will all be jealous of my new boots!

They are a birthday gift from Kylie, my sweet niece, who just happens to work at The Victorian Trading Company and when she saw these, she thought they had my name written all over them! I absolutely love them...but they are so pretty, I don't know if I can make myself go mudding in them or not!

Late this afternoon I took my boots for a little stroll around our yard to see what might be popping up.

Sure enough--there was green popping up everywhere. The warmth of the past few days has really brought everything to life & it won't be too long until we'll be seeing some color along with the foliage. I can't wait!
I have a healthy patch of "Stella's" & could probably set up a roadside stand & sell daylilies. I know they need divided by I just hate to split them up! Last night I read on one of the garden blogs where a lady had dug up every single Stella de Oro in her yard & shredded them in her chipper as she had grown tired of them. Horrors! I know they have been way over used in landscaping, but I still love their bright yellow blooms & they grow in leaps & bounds for me. So, you won't find me shredding them.

Don't my new boots look pretty with the Lenten Rose? Just the right shade of pink...
I'm always amazed at how early these pretty little flowers bloom,
& how long their blossoms stay on the foliage.

Thankfully, I could see some green on my hydrangeas. I've just put them in my garden in the last few years & I'm always afraid the winter will kill them off. Looks like this one made it!

A few steps away, found us on the front porch where I always think I'll spend the summer evenings watching the neighbors, maybe sipping on a frosty glass of sweet tea.
But I seldom make it out there
as I'm usually knee deep in weeds in the back yard, sweating up a storm!

And much to my delight, the plant truck had already made it to my neighborhood grocery store this week. Somehow I can never pass up a pot of "Johnny Jump-Ups"...or Violas.
My grocery bill wouldn't be nearly as high if that truck would quit making it's rounds!
Oh well--food for the soul!

This just happens to be my favorite time of year. I enjoy the rest of the long winter days, not being able to be outdoors & not feeling guilty for doing inside activities. But when the ground begins to warm, & the sun shines later in the evening, I get excited about what the next few weeks will bring.

This weekend some of our garden centers will be opening.
Me & my boots may just have to dance a Spring jig in celebration!
Hopefully the neighbors won't be watching.
Are you jealous of my pretty boots by now?


Angie Davis said...

I really LOVE your boots, Sheila! I alternate between lime green clogs and polka dotted boots. Yours are a lot classier!

Sheila said...

I also have some old green clogs--with the heels out & I come inside with grass stained feet!

Karen Walden said...

I can't believe you actually took your boots all over your yard! :) That's about like Jonathan's parents taking "flat Jamin" to the Holy Land and getting their picture with him everywhere they went! ;o) I do love your boots though. They are very pretty and I can see you scrubbing them off when you get them dirty! Have fun gardening. I'll stay inside where it's nice and cool...

Peggy B. said...

How cute.

Sheila said...

Karen...I was actually hoping that Cathy wasn't watching me out the window, wondering what in the world I was doing! :) Anything for a blog post....I'm desperate!

Anonymous said...

I love your boots! Recently, I bought some PINK boots, but yours are much prettier. I wear them all year round. In the winter, I need them in the snow. In warm weather when I hang out clothes on the line, sometimes the dew is so heavy I need my boots! By the way Karen, flat Jamin made history.

Sheila said...

Ha! Fayerene, next time I go on a trip I may have to take Flat Karen with me! : ) Annette took "Flat Angie" to the Biltmore House with them. And...I love gardening boots & clogs as they are so easy to clean up with a garden hose!

Nettie's Nook said...

I really had fun with flat Angie at the Biltmore. She was great company.....Love your boots

Tommie Jo said...

Love the boots and that wreath! I will definitely be stopping back by to explore your blog some more! Have a great day!