Monday, March 8, 2010

My Junk Closet/Dish Pantry...

I cannot believe I'm about to do this...
I'm going to give you access to the dark recesses of a part of me
you might not know existed--
my Junk Closet! For the past 30 years-or as long as we have lived here-
this closet has always been my clutter stash.
And during the past 9 years, when grandchildren started coming along,
it also became a toy box!

Actually, it is a furnace closet with back access to our trash compacter, which just for your info, I wouldn't live without. That thing has probably squashed several tons of litter over the past 30 years, & thankfully, it's still smashing daily.Two deep shelves were on the right side, deep enough to hold more stuff than you can imagine. The top shelf was just beyond my reach, so what was shoved up there was lost in the dark regions, until I felt the need to reorganize, or search for some lost item.

I've been bugging Bob for months about redoing this closet to make it more accessible for me. He really didn't think it was necessary...but somehow got himself on the "better get to work on that project" side of the issue. (He recently did some car swapping & believe me, he has a few more projects to go before we are even-steven!)

And so, much to my delight, we began the project one day last week.

You know who had to unload all of the junk from the closet (and I found things I had forgotten about many moons ago!) before installation of shelving began. Brackets & bracings were installed & then you know who had to paint said junk closet. I was amazed at how much brighter it became with a fresh coat of white paint, plus a new brighter light bulb helped a bunch!

Shelves were installed. They are 16 inches deep and there are 4 rows of them, instead of the 2 old shelves. And, they wrap around the corner, going along two walls, giving me lots of room.

Well, I thought it was plenty of room until I began loading them up with things I had stored from the dining room redo a few weeks ago. It didn't take me long to fill them up! I could use a whole house full of closets like this!

Anyway, thanks to Mr. Wonderful Bob the Builder hubby, I'm a happy housewife for now. My two sets of Christmas dishes fill the top row. One set had been stored above my frig & were just too hard to get to, so I seldom used them. My navy Bennington pottery bowls were brought out and will be much easier to get to & I will use them now! I have a couple of storage bins of napkins, napkin rings, & place mats.

More dishes & my set of china (that I never use) came out of storage.

And my beloved Fostoria collection, that I must tell you about some day, takes up part of another row.

I left a couple of the lower shelves for the grand children's things. This isn't all that they have, but they are going to have to go through some of the books with me & decide what they want to keep.

I'm sure this too will eventually get cluttered, but it will be so much more convenient. And this wouldn't have come about if I hadn't spent too many evenings going through some of my favorite blog sites, especially the ones relating to tablescapes & decorating. My dish pantry isn't much compared to some that I've seen. But I'm pleased as punch with it & not even ashamed to let you take a peak in the pantry for now.

My sister & her family will be heading this way at the end of the week for a Spring Break visit. I have much to do between now & then, including getting rid of a lot of stuff that didn't fit back in that closet! So, now you know why I haven't come up with any brilliant blogging moments for a few days. And the next few days will find me tearing around here getting everything in order so Carol & I can spend lots of quality time together. It's been a long time since we've been together and we just might find a few things to talk about.

Springs in the air! I can't wait. . .


Jenny said...

Looks good!

Karen Walden said...

I'm gonna have to get Dad the Builder over here soon to fix up our bedroom closet! Ugh...... What a nightmare!

Can't wait to see the Wheelers! I know their time here will fly by too fast!

Peggy B. said...

Wow! I like.

Dorcas said...

It's nice to have a "junk closet" looking that good :o)

Cheryl said...

Wow, love the closet. I can't wait to hear about the crystal. Not that I use it much anymore!