Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Day in Nashville

The little tourist town of Nashville, Indiana
is just about 18 miles down the road from me.
Carol's girls requested that be one of our destinations on their visit.
Kelcie had been there a couple of summers ago
but Kylie hadn't been since she was a little girl.
Saturday's weather wasn't too cooperative
but we didn't let that stop us from a day trip to Brown County!

Kelcie & Kylie
ready to shop!

We went in some of my favorite shops
& the girls discovered things I never look at.
One of their favorite shops was the Toy Store!
Kelcie looked at the jewelry & miniature things.
Kylie spotted anything vintage!
And this is my favorite lunch stop in Nashville.
It's old-old-old
& so characteristic of Brown County,
with delicious food.

The Hob Nob

Kylie ordered a vegetarian sandwich,
Carol & I had the yummy tenderloin sandwiches,
& Kelcie had a burger.

(I hate getting my picture taken!!!)

Tummy's were full so we hit the streets again.
We were shopping for a birthday gift
& I was looking for something different
for my living room walls.
Silly girls posing with "Abe Martin" in front of
The Old Nashville House restaurant.

I love this squeaky old screen door!
The Nashville House
has delicious fried chicken, turkey & dressing dinners,
& to die for fried biscuits & apple butter.
Once in a blue moon, Bob & I will come over here for dinner.

Kylie amusing herself (& us) with the kitchen gadgets

Inside the old general store...
just about anything you want in here
from an iron skillet to apple butter to cinnamon balls candy!

Kylie & Kelcie spotted the ice cream shop.
They shivered as they ate their ice cream
& ended up gladly taking packages to the car
so they could sit in the car & warm up!
People from all over the country come to our scenic little town
& I need to make a point of going more often.
Even though it was a misty, chilly day,
the shops were bustling with people.
No sign of recession over here..
at least not on a Saturday afternoon.
Ah hum....I wasn't going to tell "the rest of the story"...but---
Seems that when we had shopped 'til we dropped
my car wouldn't hit a lick!
The battery was "deader than a doornail"...(whatever that means)
I had to call Mr. T
who had to leave a family event
while we waited & waited & waited
to finally hear that he was sitting still in traffic because of a wreck
and so we sat & steemed up the windows
because without the car running
there was a lot of hot air blowing around in there!
& I was dreading Mr. T seeing that I was parked in a church lot
but my guardian angels made the other cars leave
& just before he FINALLY arrived,
the spot in front of me opened up so he could pull right in.
That made us about an hour and a half late
& we had to hurry home as Auntie Carol hadn't seen the rest of the family.
(Is that the rest of the story you were talking about, Karen?)


Karen Walden said...

You forgot one important part! ;o)
Tell about the return trip home!!!

Vanessa said...

Love going to Nashville!

Sheila said...

I knew you would remember that part Karen. See P.S.

Carol said...

All I know is that it was SUCH a SUPER FUN day!!! We learned about making memories a long time ago, didn't we, Sis???
Thanks for such a great little post.

Anonymous said...

Oh gosh... how I remember old red stools at a counter! Very nostalgic.

The Blue Ridge Gal

Karen Walden said...

Yep! That's the part I meant!!!

Cheryl said...

Oh! Those look like just the kind of shops I would love. What a great post...beautiful pictures!