Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Taking a break from Nintendo!

Do your kids drive you nut with their electronic games? Well...my sweet little grandchildren were "gifted" with Nintendo DS hand held games for Christmas & they love them! And they want to play them all of the time. Especially one little blonde headed 4 year old boy who gets extremely frustrated when he doesn't win.

Anyway.....to make a long story short....the boys were driving me a little more than bonkers with their games while I was babysitting yesterday. More than once, those palm-held-drives-me-crazy gadgets ended up on top of the fridge in electronic time out! Finally, I told the boys that they needed to go find something else to do, like play with there cars, read a book, or something that wouldn't make Grandma stroke out.

Parker actually found a book that he wanted to read & sat in Daddy's chair & read to the twins. They loved it! Peyton picked up a book & pretended he was reading. They finally tired of that & Parker came out of his room with a guitar...which of course started a fight as Peyton wanted one too. Luckily, Parker came up with another one & I listened to dualing guitars for a bit. I even sang "Bill Grogans Goat" while they strummed.

We soon decided to have a little session. Parker had turned his guitar over & was using it as a drum. I told Paige to pull her little footstool up to the coffee table & pretend it was a piano. Parker decided he needed to be the piano player & handed off his guitar/drums to Paige. Asked what they wanted to sing, Peyton loudly chimed in "church songs"! And "Father Abraham" was his request.

Okay, we were ready. (I'm sure glad there weren't any adult observers around!) Imagine my surprise when Peyton shouted out...."ONE, TWO, THREE....LET'S ROCK!"!!! I burst out laughing & almost didn't get my composure back so I could join in on the singing. Where in the world did he get that? Junior Church....what are you singing in that back room?

We sang a few songs (off tune, I might add) & then they were off to find something else to do. It gave me a little break from the Nintendo fussing. And I think if let them find out that there are some fun things to do besides staring at a mini screen & developing thumb problems! Maybe we'll try that again some day...

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Angie Davis said...

Sometimes we need to "unplug" around here too and the family band has been very popular. Unfortunately, Kent's desire to be loudly musical usually coincides with one of my migraines...