Friday, February 26, 2010

It's February...but March is a comin'!
Have you ever heard that Easter sermon,
"It's Friday, But Sunday's a Comin'" ?
I thought of it today when I was looking at my calendar and realized that Monday is March! I think we will all be more than happy to bid this Ole Man Winter a swift goodbye. It's been a rough one!
But the birds are beginning to be more active at my feeder,
the snow is melting,
the sun is shining,
the stores are filled with clothing in bright colors of spring,
& Monday is the first day of March!
And I can't wait.


Carol said...

pThe birds are freaking out in my part of the U.S. They're SO loud in the morning! I love hearing them in the morning now. There HAS to be an end to this cold and snow.

Carol said...

oops. that "p" shoudn't be there.

Karen Walden said...

And March means....The Wheeler's are coming!!! :)

And that I will get my new bedroom stuff!!!!

And warmer weather!!!


Sheila said...

And Karen has a birthday, and I have a birthday, and Brycen has a birthday.'s PARTY TIME!

Cheryl said...

I love March. It means spring is coming...even Hub said the other day that he couldn't wait to mow grass...and I told him that I'd remind him he said that later. :)
BTW, I have a birthday this month, too!