Saturday, February 6, 2010

Glimpes in the dining room...

It has been a very busy, but productive week around our household! It all started Sunday evening when Bob announced that he thought the dining walls were "too yellow". I had been studying our "Westminster Gold" first coat of paint also, & couldn't quite envision us with such a bright room. We made a trip to the paint store on Monday afternoon to study the color samples.

At the paint store I personally became overwhelmed by the choices of colors in dark yellows & golds. Thankfully Bob has more of an eye for the correct colors than I do & he chose a shade just a "tad" more gold than what was on our walls. We also had discussed having a contrasting color on the bottom section, since we already had the chair rail...which I really wanted off but was afraid to ask, & then later learned that Bob thought maybe it shoud come off too! (Teach me to not keep my mouth shut!)

So home we came with "DaVinci Canvas" for the top of the room & El Sereno Gold" for the bottom...both Benjamin Moore colors. I immediately went to work with the top color & knew right away that we had made the right decision. At least it wasn't going to look like the sun was shining at it's brightest & we wouldn't have to wear our sunglasses for dinner!The room began to come together. After a primer coat for both sections, a coat of the wrong color all over the room, then 2 coats of Da Vinci Canvas & 2 or 3 of El Sereno Gold, (I lost count!)... I finally called it quits! Green paint tape was pulled off & thankfully not much had bled through to the woodwork, so clean up was easyAnd then the fun part...decorating! Mary Ann came back over to give me some of her "Martha Stewart" hints & ideas. (I tend to over-decorate & accumulate too much clutter.) We spent a couple of hours stewing about what should go where. After she left, I boxed up stacks of dishes & accessories that are either going in my soon to be remodeled "china closet", or will be donated to a good cause. She will be proud!
This is only a temporary vignette while I'm waiting for pictures that will be hung above the sideboard. Thanks to Pat at, I'm have two bird prints framed for that spot! I rushed in to Hobby Lobby, wanting to catch their half price sale, thinking I would have the prints done just like Pat's. But once I was there, I found more of a cream colored mat, instead of white, & a muted gold frame, instead of dark wood, and I can't wait to see how it turns out! Cavallini 2010 Calendar

I've tried to use some of my favorite things, yet not let my "clutter" reappear. It's hard to teach an old lady new tricks! At Mary Ann's advise, I'm trying to make this room a place we will use more often, and not just be an over flow area, used only when company comes. Our family has grown & it's time to spread out!

These Homer Laughlin dessert plates belonged to my great-grandmother & I've always kept them tucked away.
So, now-maybe for a very special occasion, her great-great-great grandchildren will be served a dessert in Grandma Pem's honor!
Longaberger baskets on display. My Portmerions Botanic Garden Dinnerware

...most of which I've found deeply discounted at T J Maxx!

Instead of being tucked away & unused, they are now easily accessible & I plan to use them!This print came from Chautauqua of the Arts Festival that used to be held annually at Mill Race Park. I had it framed & for a while it was in one of the bedrooms. Just a couple of days ago, I saw it hiding in a bedroom closet & knew that it would fit right in my new dining room.

The print is of Irwin Gardens, the former Irwin-Sweeney home. Just this past year the gardens were closed to the public & the beautiful home was put on the market. It recently sold & is opening next week as an exclusive Bed & Breakfast! So, the gardens will never be as they were, & it made this print just that much more special. More bird prints that I already had!

I found the bottom print at T J Maxx a few months ago for under $10.00 And then I noticed on "Nells Hill" website that there was a matching print. On a trip to Nashville, Indiana, I saw the top print & knew it was my missing piece. Of course it wasn't quite so cheap...but I got it!

And window treatments...being tossed around in my head.

Soon it will be finished--& then on to another room we go. That is, after I rest up for a few days. This redo just about got me down!
Sshhhh....don't tell Bob I even mentioned that!


Carol said...

Wow Sis! What a change. I LOVE it!!!

Denise said...

Looks BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!

Karen Walden said...

Looks great! Much better clutter free! I'm all for getting rid of all of our extra junk! The Jr Church garage sale is gonna love us this Spring! ;o)

Jenny said...

I like it! I, too, am "trying" to declutter!

Anonymous said...

It's wonderful that you are using your dishes, instead of having them just for show! I love old dishes!

Marilyn Mauck

Botanic Garden Dinnerware said...

Hi Dude,

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